How to play Vantage in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 14 presents a new legend to the list that completes the current group at 22. Vantage is a young sniper whose skills are inclined towards a more focused on the recognition style that rewards synchronization with your squad colleagues. With vantage out and playable, here is everything you need to know about how to play advantageous , as well as some tips and tricks to know before playing with her.

Explanation of Apex Legends Vantage

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The first thing to keep in mind is that Vantage is a recon character, which means that she can scan Survey Beacons to show the next location of the circle, similar to Pathfinder, Bloodhound and Valkyrie. If such characters attract you, then don’t look for anymore, since Vantage is the character for you.

Returning to the initial paragraph of this guide, Vantage’s skills revolve around getting useful information for your team while offering an orderly mobility technique to help that goal, in addition to giving it a definitive ability that can be used passively or aggressive. Collect information with her passive ability to communicate with her team if it is worth taking a commitment or not. On the contrary, the ultimate of her allows you to start the fight as long as you communicate to your team that is worth taking this fight.

All advantage skills

Let’s focus on Vantage and her skills that will help your chances of conquering opposition. According to her character’s revelation, Vantage’s skills are:

Passive ability-observer lens

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Vantage’s passive ability greatly influences his sniper talents and the nature of recognition of her. When she is unarmed or when she points down with a weapon that has an increase in 2x or more increase, Vantage will obtain vital information about the opponent she is exploring. This includes who is the legend, in case you have problems identifying it, the quality of Evo Shield that has the entire opposite team, in addition to providing information on bullets.

Tactical ability-Eco relocation

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Vantage’s tactical ability is very similar to the best friend of the thief tactic of Loba. Vantage sends his fellow batter to a location, and from there, Vantage can be launched in a jet pack towards the location of Echo.

Ultimate-Sniper brand

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Vantage’s maximum ability allows you to get your characteristic sniper rifle in a disturbingly similar way to the Valorant camera.

Sniper’s Mark equips Vantage with a custom sniper rifle to essentially give him a third weapon. The sniper is equipped with a 3x-8x and five bullets increase to reach your goal with that increase in the damage inflicted after consecutive shots. The base damage to the sniper is 50 in the body, while a second shot will cause 100 damage.

On the other hand, a shot in the head gives 75 damage, while a second shot in the head will inflict 150 damage. Hit an enemy with a shot of Sniper’s Mark will apply a disadvantage of Mark to enemies with a Marked target that receive 15% more damage from other sources.

Tips and tricks to play Vantage in Apex Legends

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Now that you know your skills, here are some tips and tricks to take into account when you are in the field.

In addition to providing information on the health and composition of the team, the vantage observer lens has a small unique turn that can benefit it according to its loot. As mentioned, scanning enemies only works if you have a 2x or more equipped increase viewer or when your weapon is wrapped. However, scanning enemies while disarmed will give you an increase in 3x increase compared to the 2x or more standard, according to their reach. Then, in some cases, it is better to scan the unarmed opponents to get an additional visual impulse or if it does not have a good enough scope.

When using echo relocation, there are a couple of things that you should know about the limitations of Echo. The bat will fly up to 40 meters of you, being 55 meters the maximum distance that can be echo before it automatically flies closer to you.

Touching the tactical skill button/The key combination will allow you to change the Echo position, while holding the tactical button/the key combination will launch it. Once you throw yourself, you can make a double jump at the vertex of the launch to get a good impulse or throw yourself in the air, similar to the Octane Salto platform. Finally, for this ability to work, you must have a line of vision of Echo, which means that you cannot run back and expect to launch in reverse towards echo.

Use echo relocation as a way of entering or getting out of a difficult situation. Echo will remain in a place, so if you are looking to relive your teammate or you are looking for a loot, keep the skill button/the combination of keys to get out of the problem, as a Wraith or Wolf would.

Vantage’s Ultimate is a perfect combination of all its skills, but has an inconvenience. You can activate your ultimate at any time; However, the bullets are charged over time, which means that if you use sniper’s Mark as soon as it is ready, you will only have one bullet. His ultimate takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds to load completely; This can be compensated by carrying Ultimate Acceletants with you to accelerate the load.

It could benefit your team to wear a Wattson with you, since she is the only legend that Ultimate Acceletants can accumulate. In addition, when you use Sniper’s Mark, be sure to coordinate with your team, since the objectives that you hit will receive additional damage from your squad, which will make it easier to eliminate the opposition.

That is all you need to know about How to play Vantage in Apex Legends . As the new season has had a good start, be sure to see the trailer that presents the new battle pass, Kings canyon breakdown reworked or how to unlock Vantage in case you have not yet unlocked it.

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