APEX LEGENDS rises on Steam and is at its peak. With the opening of the new season, the number of simultaneously connected users has exceeded 500,000

In Apex Legends , season 14 Hanted opened on August 10. At the beginning of the opening, it seems that the number of simultaneous connection players at the peak at the Steam was updated again after last season.

In the APEX LEGENDS season 14 Hanted, Vantage participates as a new legend. He is a sniper fighting with the bats. In the map, the king scanion has been modified, and a new area, Relic, appears. In addition, the map has been modified throughout. The structure of the cage and broken relay has changed dramatically.

And the opening of the new season seems to have increased the player population of Apex Legends. In particular, Steam recorded 511,676 people, which is the largest since the release on the platform on August 10, (SteamDB). Nearly 100,000 people were added to the maximum number of simultaneously connected players last season, exceeding 500,000 at a stretch.

The platform for this work is not only Steam. It is also available for ORIGIN on PC and for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch on the console. The number of players that can be confirmed on Steamdb can be said to be only a part. If the other platforms are the same as Steam, the total number of players seems to have increased considerably.

One of the reasons why such popularity is supported is the appearance of Lelick. Relic is a new area where the popular area of the past, Skull Town, was reborn through Salvage. Skull Town and Thunder Dome collapsed in Season 8. Although it appeared several times in LTM (limited time mode), it was replaced with an area called sarvage in normal mode. It is thought that the newly popular area of this work, Skull Town, has attracted great attention to players who know the area.

It is also considered that the recent excitement of ALGS is related to another reason for popularity. ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) is a professional league in this work. In May this year, ALGS Split 2 playoffs were held in Stockholm, Sweden. Delivery of the tournament has recorded the number of viewers than the EA’s EA sporting event.

In July, Algs Championship was held. ALGS CHAMPIONSHIP, which is held every year, is a final tournament in which the top 40 teams of the annual performance compete around the world. Above all, GRAND FINALS, which is the final round, gathers strong teams such as TSM, NRG, Fnatic, and Furia. It was Dark Zero who won the fierce battle and won the championship. This year’s tournament will be held for the first time in ALGS history. In the distribution, the number of peak viewers seems to have gained a great success over 630,000.

As described above, the competition scene is very popular in distribution. It is likely that such excitement has drawn the returned players and new players in the new season.

APEX LEGENDS is a large update of the number of simultaneously connected players at the peak of last season. The momentum does not know where to stay. It is likely that not only in-game notable factors, but also in the competition scene are playing part. I would like to pay attention to the future development of this work for both the general user base and the competition scene.

In APEX LEGENDS, 14 Hanted is currently being distributed.

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