How to unlock vantage in Apex Legends Season 14

Apex Legends Season 14 has had a great beginning with many new changes in the game, a new battle pass full of cosmetics to win and secrets to discover. As usual in the new seasons, a new legend enters the scene with this season, presenting the young Vantage sniper. With players eager to try it in lobbies around the world, this is what you need to know about How to unlock vantage in Apex Legends Season 14.

How to unlock vantage in Apex Legends Season 14

When it comes to unlocking the new vantage, it has one of two options. The first option would be to unlock it using legend chips , the currency of the game that is granted when climbing, which would cost 12,000 chips. The other option would be to pay The character unlocks with Apex Coins The Premium currency of the game, which would cost 750 APEX coins.

Image Source: Respawn Entertainment through Apex

If buying the unlocking for Vantage is the chosen path, there is a vantage launch pack that will give you more for your money. It will cost 3000 Apex Coins, which break down at $ 30 USD, and include:

  • Production of advantage character
  • Appearance of advantage cold like ice
  • Sentinel appearance Frozen Patrol
  • Holosplay They are hunting you

That is all you need to know about How to unlock vantage in Apex Legends Season 14 . Speaking of Vantage, be sure to become familiar with your skills before the guide that we will publish on how to use these skills better. Along with that, be sure to see the trailer of the battle pass, since this season has some great cosmetics, and also see the changes that are being made in Kings Canyon as it returns to the rotation of the map with some notable settings.

Of course, then, you will find a large amount of related content, including tips, tricks and problem solving about anything related to Apex Legends.

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