SK Rapid: Rumors concerning Yusuf Demir make Zoran Barisic Sauer

The situation with Emanuel Aiwu-The protector really alters to Serie-An advertised us cremonesis for 3.5 million euros: AIWU has been terminated for medical checkups and also final contract talks. It might be that in the coming days an enforcement is reported.

For the offensive gamer, that fights with adductor complaints and also is looking for his kind for FC Barcelona after his unsuccessful car loan, these reports are not for the BUA. He ought to be healthy and balanced As well as get fit to get into the group and play with Quick.

The catch: Whatever is wrong, as Quick sports director Zoran Barisic explains. As far as the reports are concerned regarding Demir, I have to say: I do not understand where they come from, that is totally comfortable. He must be healthy and balanced And also obtain fit to get into the team and also play with Quick.

The catch: Every little thing is incorrect, as Fast sporting activities director Zoran Barisic discusses. As for the rumors are worried concerning Demir, I have to say: I don’t understand where they originate from, that is completely comfy. Whoever put it worldwide That specifically for itself, says Barisic to theorf _.

Yusuf Demir connected media rumors from the USA and Germany with an instant MLS transfer. A duck that fast sporting activities director Zoran Barisic places on the hand.

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Yusuf Demir must transfer to Los Angeles FC on Thursday, because then the transfer window closes in the MLS. As well as while Rapid accumulates eight million euros, the 19-year-old will kick Gareth Bale and also Giorgio Chiellini with the leader of the Western Conference.

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