A week a fairly convincing rumor emerged in relation to an alleged Black Panther video game developed by Electronic Art s, which would take the plot of the next film. However, this is not all for Marvel and EA , since they would also be planning an individual launch focused on the popular Iron Ma n.

According to the industry expert, Tom Henderson , an additional game of Marvel could be related to the character that became famous for Robert Downey JR . Henderson said nothing definitive but disseminated on social networks that he has heard some rumors about the project. To this was added that the gameplay will be focused on a single player.

I heard some rumors that Iron Man is, but I never had anything concrete about what to inform completely.

Put this a large extent in the rumor category for now, and if I hear/I see more concrete information, I will inform it correctly. I just thought it was worth mentioning.

Recently Electronic Arts has mentioned in its Financial Board that the titles of a single user are important for the company, and this would also be a clue of what could happen with these supposed Marvel games . Even so, everything must be maintained as a rumor, since it could only be talks between brands and not an affirmation.


Then the success that Marvel’s Spider-Man has had on Sony platforms, is not strange for other companies to want their slice of the cake helping Disney with video games. Even the Wolverine will have his adventure from Insomniac Games , so bringing to Iron Man to the video game party does not sound so far-fetched.

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