Both Düsseldorf and Paderborn had won their games on the very first match day, both fitness instructors did not alter accordingly. On the Rhine, an amusing kick created with several chances. After seconds, Conteh directly fell short, in the second min Kownacki made it better-1-0 for the Fortuna on the other. After Justvan’s very great passport, the record got on the area (21st) prior to Hennings Düsseldorf reminded the front (30th)- at the exact same time the break. The striking plate had the new equalizer on the foot in the 59th min, much like Hünemeier with a long-range shot (81. ). Eventually, Fortuna brought the success over time as well as proceeds to be safe in the young period.

Stark Manu cheering again with a hat

The false beginning and also the countless employees worries had repercussions: Torsten Lieberknecht versus Sandhausen took four modifications, the unmodified hardwalds had remarkably beat Bielefeld at the beginning. Manu made use of a misconception in the SVS defense in the 9th minute and also applauded with a fishermen hat as in the past. But Sandhausen set out of nowhere, with a basic circumstance Zhirov was on hand (24th). After the break, the newbie to the protection Zimmermann for Darmstadt-and front was Marvin Mehlem right away after Manu had actually connected in (55. ). Quickly after that, the impressive man needed to go out, as did Youngster Riedel. Given that there disappeared leading opportunities after that, the 2-1 for the lilies, which currently have the very first points in the account.

The 2nd matchday at a review

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