APEX LEGENDS professional players burning, This time is sleeping because the countermeasure team is sleeping. The person in charge of the management is furious

In APEX LEGENDS , it seems that there was an act that a professional player who was tired of the cheetah fired a fraudulent team in a forced way. A security person in charge of the developer Respown Entertainment has been angry at the annoying method.

In APEX LEGENDS, as a countermeasure against cheats such as cheats, in addition to in-game reporting forms, a Twitter account that is a report window is provided. If you report a clip that can confirm fraud, you will be able to respond such as stopping the account of the fraudulent person. Conor Ford, Hideouts, who is a security analyst at Respown Entertainment, is supported by Rin Matsuoka. In addition, cheat countermeasures will be taken with other staff and cheats automatic inspection systems.

On the other hand, some users have posted such a countermeasure team as if they were burning. Hiswattson Jacob Mcmillin, a professional player belonging to the e-sports team Furia.

He pointed out that the North American server did not have an unauthorized team from 1:00 am to 7:00 am in EST (East Standard Time). In that time, the cheetahs of this work are calling out that the possibility of suspension of account due to fraud is very low. However, this post does not seem to be the only purpose of giving the cheeters with useful information. He says he hopes that the management will take some measures by bringing this information to light. In this way, it seems like a half-applicable statement to let the operator EA take measures against cheats by boosting the cheetah.


This post spread by influencer Jake Lucky. CONOR FORD has been noticed. He has been angry at the time of the pause of the countermeasures, saying, This is real cringe (seriously, it’s a bad guy). Mcmillin appears in response to this reply. He argues that while the countermeasure team is sleeping soundly, he must always be a cheetah opponent for about three hours. And he counterattacks that he is tired of this one.

In response to this, Ford heats up. According to him, he has been working on improving cheat measures, and he wants him to decide that he hasn’t done anything. At the same time, Mcmillin’s remarks for cut down sleep time are criticized as childish and useless.

In response to this response, Mcmillin argued that he was seriously aware that efforts to improve cheat countermeasures have been carried out. The fraudulent people will not want to improve cheat measures, and the discussion has ended with a bit of a thorns, saying that is your job. Mcmillin seemed to point out that the cheetah was widespread during his own time.

Cheat problem in APEX LEGENDS. Although the countermeasure team is prepared, there seems to be a time when it is inevitable for the human power part. However, you should refrain from burning the cheetah and promoting measures. On the other hand, as Ford says, efforts to improve cheat measures may be on a day and night. In any case, as long as the staff is a human, it is impossible to take cheat measures without rest. If you want, it will expand further fraudulent teams.

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