Accept me! 2022 EGG Refresh – all new pets in an egg for pets, a royal egg and a cracked egg.

In July 2022, Apot Me will leave EGG Refresh, and more than 14 new pets will be replaced. When the old pets are removed from their current eggs, they will be sent into a disbanded egg. Outdated eggs are special eggs containing pets that ordinary players can no longer get. But if you have VIP, you can still get any of the old pets that will be removed with the renewal of eggs of 2022. Nevertheless, here are all pets that will be removed and added to the egg removed from operation.

All former pets in the list adopt me

Below are all pets removed from Adopt Me! With the renewal of eggs of 2022. You can still get these pets if you have a VIP member. If you have a VIP member, you can get these pets from an outdated egg in a VIP room.

  • Red panda
  • Shiba-Inu
  • Beaver
  • Rabbit
  • Rabbit
  • Snow cat
  • Snow Puma
  • Fenec
  • Puma
  • Chocolate labrador
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Otter
  • The Dragon

* Unicorn
* Buffalo

All new pets in Pet Egg, Royal Egg and Cracked Eggs

At the time of writing, it is currently not known which pets will be added with the renewal of eggs of 2022 in Adopt Me. Nevertheless, we know about one pet, since it was published on social networks by Adopt Me Developers. Confirmed the first pet is the legendary alicorn, as shown in tweet below.

Another possible pet is a zebra that appeared in another tweet of developers on Twitter. The tweet says: Just a post of chickenpox, there’s nothing to look at! , but vigilant spectators can see the head of what seems to be a zebra protruding from a windmill.

We think that the head of Zebra is a potential hint for one of the new pets that will be added on Thursday. Nevertheless, we do not know for sure whether the zebra will be added as a domestic animal, so we will need to wait until Thursday to get additional information. We also recommend checking this list on Thursday on the day of update for all new pets added to broken, home and royal eggs .

When will the Adopt Me 2022 egg update take place?

The egg update will occur Thursday, July 21, 2022 . If you want to monitor the return count, the developers have a meter on its website, which considers all days before the egg update.

To find out more about Adopt Me, we have prepared many guidelines for you in PGG, such as How to get a pets of the Irish water spaniel in Roblox Adopt Me!. And Roblox adopt me! Collaborates with minions: The Rise of Gru to release the exclusive egg Zodiac Minion Egg

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