How to get the Apex Commander of Bangalore prestige look at Apex Legends

Wondering How to get the Apex Commander of Bangalore’s prestige look at Apex Legends ? We have covered you.

In a surprise ad, EA announced that the newest Apex Legends event will have a gigantic anime crossing. The Gaiden event will see characters like Wattson, Mirage and Octane get their own attire inspired by anime, as well as another 40 thematic cosmetics of the event. This event also brings a new mythical aspect in which to spend your money: the Apex Commander prestige aspect of Bangalore. Are you a protagonist of Bangalore who has been waiting for Bang to have a sick skin? keep reading

Obtain the Apex Commander of Bangalore prestige look at Apex Legends

To unlock Apex Commander’s prestige aspect, you must unlock the 40 cosmetic elements of the Gaiden event.

The mythical masks have been a little thorn on the side of Battle Royale since the Bloodhound mask was introduced a few months ago. There is no way related to the game to unlock the mask. during the event. You must distribute the money that cost you so much to win to unlock each of the cosmetics that, if we return to the introduction of Bloodhound Prestige Skin, costs approximately $ 160 unlock all cosmetics . With this event that contains 40 total cosmetics that number can change, so be sure to consult again, since we will keep it informed.

If you do not want to spend the money on the mask, when the event ends in August, it is most likely that the mask is added to the store. However, it will cost you 150 relic fragments.

That is all you need to know about How to get the appearance of Apex Commander of Bangalore . If you missed the full announcement of the Gaiden event, look at our coverage to give you more details!

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