A melee attack, but a bottom liner? New LOL champion Nilla joins

‘Nilah’, who wields a blade made of water, joins the League of Legends (hereinafter LOL) as the 161st champion.

Nila, the ascetic warrior from a distant land, seeks, challenges, and destroys the world’s most menacing and mighty opponents. With memories of what he has lost and knowledge of what lies ahead, Nila turns demonic waters into blades of immense power to fight an ancient, long-forgotten threat.


Nila is a champion with a unique concept of a ‘melee bottom liner’. When a supporter gains additional experience or a supporter uses a health recovery or shield skill on Nila or herself, both champions receive the same effect, a passive ‘eternal joy’. have it In particular, Neila is expected to occupy an advantageous position in the early power fight, as it has the advantage of being able to get ahead of the level by acquiring additional experience points just by farming in line battles.

The first skill ‘Formless Sword (Q)’ is a damage skill that inflicts damage to all enemies in a straight line. When a skill hits an enemy, Nila’s range and attack speed increase, as well as basic attacks that deal additional damage in a cone area. Also, if you attack a champion while possessing the intangible sword skill, HP is also restored in proportion to the amount of damage dealt. ‘Victory Curtain (W)’ is a utility-type shroud skill that temporarily increases movement speed and evades all enemy basic attacks. Another point is that when it comes into contact with an allied champion, it envelops the target in a veil.

Nila’s mobile device, ‘Trent (E)’, pierces through the target unit, moves a set distance, and inflicts damage to all enemies in its path. If you use an intangible sword while using a torrent, waves rush in your path, inflicting damage and applying the intangible sword basic attack buff. The ultimate skill ‘Happiness (R)’ is a wide-area skill that attacks the surrounding area with a whip and pulls them to the center after a certain period of time.

Nila, who has various skills such as damage, movement skills, and curtains, is expected to contribute to the team by utilizing high survivability and excellent mobility in the mid-to-late fight stage as well as in line battles. One of Nila’s strengths is that it can quickly raise the level of ally supporters through passives and then occupy an advantageous position in the early messenger fights. The ‘Star Guardian Nila’ skin, which will be released along with Nila, is also drawing a lot of attention.

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