Gravity Game Awise (GGA), the new puzzle game Paradise of the Arctic Steam

Gravity’s Japanese Game Arise (GGA) announced on August 2 that it will release its new title ‘Arctictopia’ at the game platform Steam on August 2.

The Arctic Paradise is a new healing puzzle game that is introduced through the Gravity Indie Games, an excavation project for indie games around the world. The cute and cute illustration graphics that seem to be drawn by hand overall, white bears, seals, and seabirds, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

The game consists of 150 stages on the main stage of Arctic glacier. The mother bear moves to the next glacier before the glacier melts and finally arrives at the place where the baby bears is cleared. You can play slowly without time limit, so you can play the game with a comfortable mind.

The Arctic Paradise Global Steam Service begins on August 2, and the language is served in 19 languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, and French. Publishing will be held by Gravity Game Arise (GGA), a Japanese branch of Gravity.

Gravity Game Awise (GGA) Producer Masakazu Kobayashi said, The Arctic paradise is a healing puzzle game that gives a break with a busy daily life, such as cute illustrations reminiscent of picture books and BGM in a warm atmosphere. I ask for your interest as we are preparing hard for the rest of our time so that you can enjoy it comfortably after your daily life.

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