Chicken travel puzzle CHICKEN JOURNEY will be released this year. A heartwarming chicken adventure drawn with pixel art

On June 11, Poland-based indieveropper LOONYWARE released a new trailer for the horizontal scroll puzzle game Chicken Journey . This work is being developed for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch overseas, aiming for release in the fourth quarter of 2022.


Chicken Journey is a horizontal scroll puzzle game drawn in pixel art. The hero chicken wakes up from a nightmare asking Is the chicken first or an egg first? There are a number of puzzles that block the players on the way on the way, and the players seem to have to make full use of the gimmick prepared on the stage. A part of the gimmick is unveiled in the trailer. Climb the ivy or glide using plants that blow the air. It seems that mushrooms can be used like trampoline. In addition, it seems that the Tsubomu behavior that chicken is good at is also used in puzzles.

It is said that the gentle soundtrack is impressive in this work, and there is no battle scene or battle action. In each game video, you can also see how the protagonist is talking to birds. Characters living in the town are also named inhabitants. It seems that the kind of residents, such as owl LUNA and farmers Dwight, will welcome the main character, chicken. In this work, besides the birds, there seems to be a frog swimming in the pool. In addition, you can also check the character CLUCKTHULHU that is not a Cuthulhu (Cthulhu) that you can meet in the cave. This is a cute look that combines the evil god and chicken. According to LOONYWARE, frogs and chickens are friendly. Sometimes he helps the protagonist’s adventure of chicken.

This trailer was unveiled at the Indie Game Showcase held by the indie game community WHOLESOME GAMES. CHICKEN JOURNEY is a virgin work of LOONYWARE. Development is being developed between Magdalena świderska, who is in charge of Pixel Art and Design, and Marcin świderski in charge of programming. They are also disseminating information on this work on Twitter, etc., and it has been released to play the development version on Nintendo Switch.

CHICKEN JOURNEY will be released on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch in the fourth quarter of 2022. If you are interested, why not add this work to Steam’s wish list?

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