Balloon World Cup 2022: Where to see it, date, schedules and participating countries

The streamer Ibai Llanos does not seem to want to take any rest. After the success harvested by the evening of the year 2, the land is already preparing for the Ballon World Cup 2022 , the second edition of the World Cup in balloons that organized last year and that had a great acceptance, hence it was want to repeat the play once more.

Under these lines you can consult all the information related to the Ballon World Cup 2 , with the date on which it will be held, the countries that will participate and the rest of details that we will update as they come to light.

Date and time of Balloon World Cup 2022

The previous edition of the Baloon World Cup took place on October 15, 2021, so it is expected that this year’s edition will be held on a similar date. At the moment the participating countries are with their qualifying phases, including Spain.

It will be on Sunday, July 3, between 11:00 and 23: 30 (peninsular time), when the representative of our country will be chosen. Specifically, there will be 16 participants who will face each other in this tournament prior to the world final.


How to see the Balloon World Cup 2022

Waiting to learn more details of the Balloon World Cup 2022, the qualifying phase can be seen in person and also from each other’s house, depending on what you prefer.

If you are one of those who want to go in person , this weekend the UBEAT Live Barcelona will be held, an event with all kinds of activities, including the World Cup. You are still in time to acquire your own entry so as not to miss these matches that will take place in the FIRA of Barcelona-Gran Vía.

On the other hand, if you want to see it comfortably from your houses , you just have to go to the Ibai channel on Twitch, where all the matches will be broadcast and where it will be discovered who will be the Spanish representative.

Participating countries of Balloon World Cup 2022

Last year there were 32 countries that saw the faces, with Peru as the country that came out victorious in the first edition of the Balloon World Cup. At the moment it has not been indicated which will be the ones that will sign up for the party this party Year, although it is expected that the Latin American country will try to revalidate the title.

Thus, we will update the list as the countries and representatives of each who will try to win the Balloon World Cup 2022 are confirmed.

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