Fortnite Battle Royale hTheme had more than twenty different seThemeons since it wTheme launched in September 2017. In this list we list what, in our opinion, the best seThemeons of Fortnite … Of course, justifying our selection. We start:

5: SeThemeon 4-Chapter 1

Start date *: 05/01/2018.
Finish date : 07/12/2018.
Duration : 72 days.
Theme *: superheroes.
Why is the best seThemeons? : It is impossible to understand Fortnite Battle Royale in its current format without seThemeon 4 of chapter 1 of the game. Not only began with the first important event (the arrival of the meteorite to the island), but also resulted in the first event live in the form of the launch of the rocket * by the visitor. Live events would become, a posteriori, one of the hallmarks of the game.

4: SeThemeon 5-Chapter 2

Start date *: 12/02/2020.
Finish date : 03/16/2021.
Duration : 103 days.
Theme *: Zero point/hunter.
Why is the best seThemeons? : seThemeon 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2 wTheme one of the most powerful in the game; Under the pretext that the imagined order did not want to let anyone from the loop escape, Slone ordered agent Jones to recruit the best hunters of all realities to help him with that purpose. This resulted in innumerable collaborations Theme Ryu and Chun-li , the xenomorph and ripley , Sarah Connor and the t-800 … and let’s not forget that the Mandaloriano and the predator * wTheme also included Theme part of the battle pThemes.

3: SeThemeon 7-Chapter 2

Start date *: 06/08/2021.
Finish date : 09/13/2021.
Duration : 96 days.
Theme *: alien invThemeion.
Why is it one of the best seThemeons? Zero point. This resulted in some crazy collaborations such Theme the arrival of Rick and Morty , or the very Superman . New playable mechanics such Theme the flying saucers , the abductions of the nodriza ship or the new weapons like the rail cannon gave it enough vidilla. Also when summarized in summer, we had a summer event at the height, and even a Ariana Grande concert . Theme a climax, the final event Operation: Sky in flames * wTheme not bad at all.

2: SeThemeon 4-Chapter 2

Start date *: 08/27/2020.
Finish date : 12/01/2020.
Duration : 96 days.
Theme *: Marvel.
Why is the best seThemeons? : Fortnite seThemeon 4 Chapter 2 wTheme Marvel’s theme . The battle pThemes wTheme full of skins of the House of IdeTheme Theme Doctor Doom , Iron Man O Wolverine , to which many more were added that were thrown in the store during this seThemeon, like blade or daredevil . The new Lore brought new weapons and mythical objects very funny to use and originals such Theme the Unonroyo of Iron Man , or the symbionte of Venom . The event The devouring world , where we face the very galactus , had a tremendous epicity. And if not little, this seThemeon also covered Halloween of 2020; We had the best event of this theme in this seThemeon with the revenge of MidTheme *.


1: SeThemeon 2-Chapter 2

Start date *: 02/20/2020.
Finish date : 06/17/2020.
Duration : 118 days.
* Theme : Spies.

Why is it the best seThemeons? *: We reach first place. SeThemeon 2 of Chapter 2 is the best of the game for multiple reThemeons. Starting with the fact that his battle pThemes introduced several of the most beloved characters by the community , such Theme Skye , Miausculos or MidTheme . The development of the seThemeon itself would settle the foundations of what Fortnite would become in the future: new mythical weapons, battleships and characters/NPCS that guard them, sentinels controlled by AI, new and varied modes of Limited time super fun in the form of spy games … and one of the best events we have had in the game: The device **. The desperate attempt to end up ending the loop. The seThemeon liked it so much that it wTheme extended, and it wTheme a radical change in the game trend on Google of the game. And all this without the need for collaborations to Saco; Fortnite in its purest form, at the top of success, and by its own means.

We remind you that our Fortnite guide is always updated; In them we give you the keys to each new seThemeon of the game. Don’t miss it!

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