How to see how much money you have spent on Valorant

Wondering How much money have you spent on Valorant ? Although the game is completely free, it offers many purchase options for players looking to get some unique weapons masks or accelerate the process of unlocking a new character. If you are looking to see how much you have spent on Valorant Valorant map you have you covered below.


Checking your shopping history in Valorant

The easiest way to see your purchasing history in Valorant is to use this official support page to do so. After visiting the link, simply Follow these steps to see how much you have spent on Valorant :

  • Click the Login Red button.
  • Log in with the information of your Riot Games account. This will redirect it to the support page.
  • Click on the red button Get my shopping history.

After a brief wait, the page will show each transaction that you have made in that Riot Games account in particular in Valorant, including the amount, the payment method and the date/time on which the transaction was made. On top of the bold list is the total amount that has been spent on Valorant with all the transactions added.

Can you see how much have you spent on Valorant?

From now on, ** Unfortunately, there is no equivalent in the game to verify the shopping history.

And that’s Everything you need to know about how to consult your Valorant purchasing history . To get more information about Valorant, do not hesitate to read the practical view of Valorant map of his last map, Pearl. If you are looking to improve your game, be sure to take a look at our list of codes of view of professional players organized by team.

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