The best pulsed rifles in Destiny 2 – PVE and PVP

Impulse rifles are one of the best types of weapons available to the Sight 2 because of their advantages in PVP and PVE. These are weapons for shooting in bursts that allows you to conduct aggressive, supporting or long-range game, and each weapon in the class of impulse rifles is varied quite in order to have unique abilities and a set of skills. Although some pulsed rifles in this list are definitely better than others, much of this weapon also depends on individual preferences and the style of the game. These are one of the best pulsed rifles in SUDEN 2.


This exotic impulse rifle returned to the Sum 2 with a new exotic perk: a chain of curses. Which after the murder replenishes the store, increases damage and gives superenergy. Only with these advantages, the Bad Juju pulsed rifle is great for advertising cleaning, but even better in the team PVE, such as Gambit. If at least one participant uses Bad Juju and will have a permanent supply of Supers, this will help to pass each phase faster, providing a faster path to victory.

Suitable for: pve

How to get: exotic kiosk

cold denial

Cold denial has a lot of advantages, although we recommend a throw of God, which includes a murderous wind and a shirt for advantages in range, damage and mobility. In addition to one of the fastest moments of murder (TTK) among all pulsed rifles, the appearance of Cold Denial does not distract and does not interrupt your shootout. Location of the sight as straightforward as possible, and you do not have to worry about the fact that the gun will stop you from making a shot.

Suitable for: PVP

How to get: random world


Rifle Jian 7

This impulse rifle does not benefit attackers, but the Jian 7 rifle is great for support players. TTK on Jian 7 is not intended for aggression, so it should not be rely on for this type of shootout. But if you throw the Jian 7 with Disruption Break and, I hope, Rampage, then you will become a teammate that can break enemy shields from a long distance. Believe me, your team most likely needs support!

Suitable for: PVE and PVP (support)

How to get: random world

No time to explain

If you are good in your exact shots, expect that you will spend more time on shooting and less time to reload with there is no time to explain. The perk of this exotic impulse rifle-rewind back, which returns shots to the store, if they are accurate, or shots on enemies that were either slowed or frozen by stasis. With stellar basic characteristics, especially from the point of view of range, this is one of the best impulse rifles for use in all SUDATE 2 without exception.

Suitable for: PVP and PVA

How to get: campaign Beond Light, Exo Stranger


It is often proclaimed the best impulse rifle in the world. Sum 2 This is a messenger. Although this gun returned from the SUDEL PUL of perks in The Messenger even better in the SUDE 2. The Rapid Hit (increases the stability and speed of reloading after fast accurate shots) paired with Desperado (increases the rate of fire after accurate shots). Your greatest success depends on your ability to apply accurate shots, but TTK when entering the body is still better than most types of weapons in the game.

Suitable for: PVP

How to get: Osiris tests

sacred origin

The main advantage of the Sacred Provenance is an aggressive explosion, it is also a fire of 4 shots. As a result, this is one of the best pulsed rifles for aggressive players due to the advantage of rate of fire. The Rapid HIT perks (recharge speed and stability are improved after quick exact hits) and Kill Clip (damage increases when reloading after murder) is useful in both PVE and PVP. Although you must still take aim thoroughly, shooting of 4 lines allows you to forgive more.

Suitable for: pve and pvp

How to get: raid Salment Garden

stars in the shade

One glance at the huge pools of Stars in Shadow perks should understand what this pulsed rifle is capable of. The impact-resistant frame of the weapon slows down your mobility, but significantly increases damage when you stand and aim at the sight. For PVE, we recommend Outlaw (reloading time improves with accurate murders) paired with Kill Clip (damage increases when reloading after the murder). For PVP, we offer Killing Wind (increasing mobility, range and handling after achieving blows) with Kill Clip. In addition, this is the only des worthy of the SOLAR pulse rifle in SUDAT 2 that is a sufficient reason for grinding this weapon.

Suitable for: both PVE and PVP (a small advantage of PVP)

How to get: males

Third Axiom

The Adaptive Frame archetype makes The Third Axiom a strong and reliable impulse rifle. For both PVP and PVE, we recommend using Feeding Frenzy (the reloading rate increases the number of glasses during quick murders) and Rampage (increasing damage during murders) to increase the characteristics after murders. Possessing excellent stability and handling, which are the main advantage of The Third Axiom, this pulsed rifle is simply convenient to use.

Suitable for: PVP and PVA

How to get: strikes

Wondered spire

Time-Worn Spire benefits from the Rapid-Fire Frame archetype, resulting in a Pusle rifle with one of the largest stores for 37 rounds. This is not an impulse rifle All-Coven-all, but with potential throws Mad feeding / food and riot / one for all you will not be mistaken using this weapon. In this case, a worn spire also benefits from a smaller pook pook, since all available perks are pretty good.

Suitable for: PVP

How to get: Iron Banner

wing of vigilance

What’s this? Are you impressed by the turn of 4 rounds of Sacred Provenance? How about the 5-raunt queue of Vigilance Wing? Yes, this pulsed rifle exceeds Sacred Provenance with an additional bullet, but Vigilance Wing-the PVP monster for even more reasons. In addition to the explosion of 5 rounds, the exotic harsh truths also heals you and increases the speed of movement if the nearest ally was killed. Vigilance Wing also benefits from Last Stand, which increases the speed of movement and recovery if you are the last player in the team. Taking this weapon in the crucible, you will gain an advantage in almost all game modes.

Suitable for: PVP

How to get: world exotic booty, or sor

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