Craftton, Battleground new map Deston released

[map Park Ye-jin reporter] Craepton (CEO Kim Chang-han) announced on the 27th that Battleground first unveiled the details of the new map ‘Deston’.

Deston, known as KIKI, is a large map of 8×8 sizes, with a feeling of a near future city destroyed by nature, such as powerful storms and floods. On July 13, the 18.2 Live Server Update will be available in the game.

Deston Map was introduced at the Dev Talk event on the 25th before launch. The event was held in the form of live streaming for global partners invited on the 25th.

이번 데브 토크는 데이브 커드(Dave Curd) 크리에이티브 디렉터, 마이클 길라디(Michael Gilardi) 매디슨 지사 월드 개발 총괄, 아서 로우(Arthur Low) 매디슨 지사 월드 개발 테크니컬 디렉터의 상세 내용 발표, 데스턴 맵 플레이, 라이브 질의 Response and event match were followed.

Dave Cut Creative Director, who led Deston Map development, shared the background and direction of Deston development.


In the case of 8×8 large maps, not only visually colorful, but also the quantitative aspects of experience, such as a wide range of engagement in short-range-long distances, it is necessary to provide pleasure, he said. It is a map where all users can find a place where all users can shine by providing extreme environments with a variety of different differences, including hills and flats, swamps, central plains, and western highlands.

The explanation of the individual terrain was directed by Michael Gilladi Madison Governor World Development, and the new mechanism introduction was directed by Arthur Madison Governor World Development Technical Director. In addition to the ‘Airboat’, which can move both land and sea that can maximize the verticality of the building, in addition to the ‘Airboat’, which can be moved to both land and the sea ‘MP9 (SMG)’ and ‘Blue Chip Detector’, a new tactical equipment that can grasp the enemy location information in the narrow radius, has been unveiled.

After the announcement, the development team had a place to demonstrate the play on the Deston Map.

The Dev Talk event can be viewed through the Battleground Global YouTube and partner Twitch channels.

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