LOL: From the stars to the crack, know the new skins on guardians of the stars

One of the most liked themes by the League of Legends community are the star guardians that since its appearance in 2015 wearing the luminous lady caused a great emotion for manga fans, in later years this theme has been replicated To add more champions to the group along with some darker aspects such as Zoe, a teaser was recently presented with several references to some of the heavy skins and some others were also speculated.

With money in hand and waiting on July 14

Today the aspects of Guardians of the stars were announced where we have ** Kai´s Very notorious but that maintain the essence of the previous The boy who broke the time.


The incorporation of Nilah into the list of champions and now with her debut skin being part of the star group will show great interest in the character to generate a little more popularity.


The empty shooter became one of the most popular crack champions since its launch, with its variations of both AP and AD, after receiving appearance in version 11.21 Dragon dressed will now take the power of the stars


The muse went unnoticed by a while as aspects are about it, during the version 11.18 she entered as a singer for Pentakill and now returns with a more cute version that characterizes her very well.


She comes with a great gala when she received both the normal aspect of her and the prestige, after suffering some complications with the appearance of Fireight, now she becomes heavenly powers.


An interesting incorporation ESTIMIS OF THE STARS ** For its appearance (and by name) it could be considered a rival for the new protagonists of this manga story, remember that our favorite scarecrow does not receive an aspect since 2020.

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