Chit SIMS 4 Free Real Estate (free houses!)

The Sims series remains the most popular and constantly expanding collection of gaming games at home, allowing players to create endless creative spaces and play for unique characters with a different way of life. Sims 4 continues to develop and replenish with new content, which makes the construction of the house and life even more exciting.

To conduct sims in life, saving money to get a house and objects that you want, can be a slow and complex process. However, if you are a returning Simmer and do not want to go through the initial stages another time or you do not have time to work from the bottom up, there are ways to buy your dream house from the very beginning.-With a cheat Free Real Estate!

How to get a house for free at Sims 4

To buy a new house or move to a new place, regardless of whether you start a new game or move to another place of residence, you will need to go to the world management menu . Here you can see available houses and areas with a green contour around them. When you start a new game, you get a budget of only $ 20,000, and more expensive houses will always warn you that you cannot afford them. Here are the steps to fix it:

Press ctrl , shift and also c to open a cheat for PC, or l-bamper , r-bamper , l-trigger as well as r-trigger on the console controller (the white field will open in the upper left side of the screen)
Enter Truth
Then enter free real estate on *

After you enter the cheat, you should see the message in the cheat box: Free real estate is on. This means that all lots of lots will now be available, regardless of how much money you have. Go ahead and click on the house you want!

Please note that now that you are going to buy a house, it will still transfer your remaining funds as the same $ 20,000. You will not spend your money on the purchase of a lot and get it 100% for free. You can also enter the construction mode in advance and add any items that you want before buying a house and get all this for free! Press this button Buy a house to jump to a new place and start your adventure SIMS without any trouble!

Why don’t cheats work?

There are several reasons why the cheat does not work, and in most cases this is due to the fact that your cheats are turned off. However, make sure that you introduce it correctly-usually there are never gaps between words, with the exception of True and ON. Always make sure that you first enter the command: Testingchets True before entering another cheat. If this does not work, go to the parameters-game parameters and go to the other tab.

Make sure that the flag of the allowed fashion scenarios is installed. If it is already marked with a flag, but still does not work, remove it, turn it on again, apply changes and restart the game to check if the problem is fixed. If this does not help to correct the situation, it can be a more serious problem with your game, which may require reinstalling.

Let us know if this cheat worked for you and what kind of dream house you decided to buy for free! In addition, do not forget to get acquainted with the leadership of Pro Game Guides Sims 4 to find out more cheats in order to unlock all objects!

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