Life of Bad Girl ARPG Detained: Too Good for School Trial Play Repo -Easy -to -operate exciting action is outstanding! [Steam Next Festival]

VALVE has launched an edition in June 2022, Steam NEXT Festival for the game trial version. There is a trial version of more than 1,000 games scheduled to be released in Steam and live stream events by developers. In this STEAM NEXT Festival, you can also get a Steam badge, which is a new trial version.

There are more than 1,000 trial versions distributed in one week, and many attractive games are available. In GAME*Spark, we will pick up what you are interested in playing from the work that is being delivered.

This time, we will introduce Publisher THERMITE GAMES, Developer O.T.K Games’s school life simulation Detained: too Good for School.

What is Detained: too Good for School

The latest work by Developer O.T.K Games, which worked on The Vagrant. A story is drawn in a conspiracy in the stage, Swing Star City, and the hero girl in the juvenile institution approaches a big mystery.

The game is an action RPG, and it is possible to have a romantic relationship with eight characters appearing in the game. There are a variety of ways to play in the game, such as enjoying school life, making money with a part-time job, and training your body with a gym. Also, there are more than 10 types of endings.

This work was announced in December 2018 as Project: I.S.S (IRRESPONSIBLE SCHOOLGIRGIRL SIMULATOR). The Kickstarter campaign started in July 2021, achieved the target amount in just 14 hours, and eventually succeeded in raising more than 7 times the target.

The trial version for the Steam Next Festival allows you to experience elements such as part of the story, battle, upgrade, and craft. It is also announced that new systems will appear, such as implementation of followers and some character voices soon.

Girl involved in conspiracy! A new encounter at the juvenile school!

The story begins with the conflict scene in the city Swinstar City. The hero and her older brother Dyran who are hurt by the struggle. Karim, a man with a gun that is confronted, shoots and kills Dyran and leaves. After that, the protagonist fights the remnants in the tutorial, but eventually gets caught by the police by his conspiracy.

After the scene of a mug shot with her familiar (?) Board, I will enter the hero’s name, her blood type, and her birthday. Later, he learned that the girl she met in the cage was involved in a conspiracy by KARIM, and they decided to cooperate to prove each other’s innocence.

Six months later, the two will be released and will live together in the apartment while being inspected. From here, the game begins in earnest. The first purpose is to defeat KARIM’s minions gathered in an old warehouse in the neighborhood. Let’s go to the destination while moving around the map.

By the way, there are convenience stores near the house where you can buy recovery items. Your sister is very cute. The graphics of each character are very attractive, so you can play forever.

Easy operation and exciting action!

The battle of this work is relatively orthodox, which combines actions such as attacks, avoidance, jumps, and dashes. Equipped with weapons such as bat and iron pipes and can be switched. In addition, you can open the item screen and use recovery items even during battle.

You can get experience and money by defeating enemies in the game. The experience value of this work is required for the release of skills, and it is possible to acquire new combo, double jumps, etc., and improve their abilities. Further skills can be newly learned based on various conditions in the game, but in the trial version, only several basic items can be experienced.

In addition, you can use powerful special moves by finding scrolls in the game. Special moves can be activated by consuming gauge, and up to three types can be equipped. The gauge does not accumulate easily in the initial state, so let’s use it here.

Regarding the action, the operation feeling that combines the simple operation and skills that follow the battle system of The Vagrant is outstanding. Since there are many enemies as a feeling of playing, it seems important to incorporate an attack that has a down effect so that it is not surrounded.

By the way, this work can be attacked at any time in the map, so you can attack ordinary people walking. Be careful as the police will appear if they are attacking ordinary people in the dark, and they will attack the hero. In addition, no matter how much the police were defeated, no experience was gained. disappointing.

Let’s enjoy school life, fighting and craft!

After clearing the first event match, the protagonist will be able to go to school. You can move immediately from the bus stop in front of the house to the school. You can take classes at school, and you can get experience with mini-games such as nervous breakdown and calculation.

By the way, this work has a concept of day and time. At school, it is possible to take classes only during the day of weekdays, and when you take classes, the time changes from noon to evening. Time can be proceeded from the menu screen, so it seems convenient to enter the event or facilities that will be implemented in the future.

In the trial version, in addition to school classes, you can play RAID, a battle stage where a large number of enemies awaits. In the RAID, it is possible to explore the stage while defeating the enemy, and gather experience points, money, items, etc. Depending on the stage, there are also events such as finding a key and opening a safe.

At the workbench at home, you can create various items and strengthen weapons. Even if the ingredients are low by itself, it will be a great effect by combining them in combination. There are dishes such as Mega Sandwich, which mixes sweets with sandwiches, so the hero’s diet is a little anxious…

In addition, the introduction part can experience the trial version story. After the story, you can freely take classes at school or fight at RAID to earn experience and money.

The trial version of Detained: Too Good for School introduced so far. Very beautiful and attractive graphics and light actions make you feel like a developer-like ability of The Vagrant, which is very highly evaluated.

It is also nice to be able to release powerful techniques such as basic combo, double jump, and aerial technique as soon as possible. You can experience the fun of this work. However, since it is rarely mentioned in stories and events, I would like to look forward to life such as activities and love parts in the future.

Detained: too Good for School will be released early access to Steam. The release version is also planned to support Japanese.

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