[Trial report] ROGs authentic gaming earphone! Rog Cetra True Wireless that can be played from Battroi to sound game

Thanks to the short-range communication standard called Bluetooth, our lives have become very convenient. Wireless earphones for listening to music are now commonplace. But what if this is a game play? In games, laging of sound is a fatal factor, so wired earphones are still the mainstream in this field. Some game titles have refused to use wired earphones.

On the other hand, famous manufacturers who work on gaming gadgets are focusing on developing and selling wireless earphones. This time, the product Rog Cetra True Wireless of the ASUS gaming brand REPUBLIC OF GAMES has arrived at my hand, so let’s review this.

Play Pubg Mobile!

For ROG, this product is the first wireless earph1. Why is wireless earphones widespread in the world, but why is it still wired among gamers? That’s because, as I wrote at the beginning, a wireless will inevitably be delayed.

Games and sounds can be said to be a very close relationship. For example, in a battle royal-style shooter game, you have to detect from the sound of where the enemy is. The footsteps, gunshots, etc. are generated from where they are coming from, and quickly find an enemy and shoot. Basically, in the shooter game, those who find the enemy first can fight in an overwhelming advantage, so if you are familiar with interpersonal FPS/TPS, the importance of sound permeates. It will be understood.

So, this time, let’s connect my Android smartphone with Rog Cetra True Wireless and play Pubg Mobile.

Pubg Mobile is a global shooter game that does not require explanation. The competition scene is also active, and tournaments are being held in various places. That’s why you don’t have to play so much, and if you have enough time for about 30 minutes, you can play quickly. The shooter game has such an ease, so I want the author to spread it more to the public…

Aside from that, let’s carefully observe the performance of Rog Cetra True Wireless. The active noise canceling function will be launched, creating an environment where you can completely immerse yourself in the game. The first impression I felt from the sound is the hemisphere space.

Is it appropriate to write that the widespread source of sounds spread in a hemispherical shape around your head? This is a slightly spacious dome. You can clearly see where the sound of the sound is coming from and the sound effects generated in the game.

Met knowing the existence of the enemy

The most basic way to search for enemies in Pubg Mobile is Gunning Tracking. The position of the gunshot that has occurred from somewhere is identified accurately without leaving it from somewhere. It is no exaggeration to say that it separates life and death. And I can hear the gunshot means that someone other than myself is shooting, so if you go well, you can defeat other weak players (so-called fisherman).

While you are in a hemisphere space, you can easily detect such information. And I couldn’t even feel the sound delay that was concerned about wireless earphones. Of course, as long as it is wireless, there should be absolutely delay, but it is at a level that can not be detected in human hearing. So, survive!

Well, after all Don wins! I realize again that shooter games should be spread as easy e-sports. And if the distance between the game and the general public is closer, a lot of wireless gadgets such as Rog Cetra True Wireless will be developed. This product can be expected to be distributed in the future as a pioneer in generalization of e-sports.

Sound game can also be played!

By the way, I wrote so far, the editorial department told me, Please try Muse Dash next time.

Muse Dash is a so-called sound game. This title recommends the use of wired earphones, but it will be reasonable. If the sound game is delayed, the play itself will not be established. But here, let’s try how far you can play using Rog Cetra True Wireless.

For the author, MUSE DASH is the first time, but I was able to play more crisp than I thought. No, I’m a bad sound game, but… Still, if you use Rog Cetra True Wireless, you can press the key according to the rhythm, and you will not feel the sound shift you are worried about.

MUSE DASH is a sound game that anyone can enjoy as much as possible. Although it is a game where you can easily play without being sick, you can use Rog Cetra True Wireless to achieve Time-time sound gap play.

This time, I wrote an article with the content of wireless earphones that can be used in games and actually used products.

There is still a debate that the earphones when playing games are wired or wireless, but at the same time, wireless earphones have evolved long in just a few years. In the past, it was a substitute for sound gaps even when watching a video, but now it has become a performance that can play sound games. Rog Cetra True Wireless is a product that should be called a junction to establish gameplay wirelessness.

Rog Cetra True Wireless

  • Price: 15,480 yen (tax included / official store)

  • Headphone frequency characteristics: 20Hz-20,000Hz

  • Headphone impedance: 32OHM

  • Driver material: Neodim magnet

  • Driver size: 10 mm

  • Mike sound collection pattern: All directional

  • Mike frequency characteristics: 100Hz-10,000Hz

  • Headphone sensitivity:-38 db

  • AI noise canceling microphone: None

* Active noise canceling E: Response

  • Channel: Stereo

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