How to divide objects in The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier is a space shooter PVE and PVP with pronounced aesthetics of survival and garbage collection. Going to Fortune III, you can take supplies with you, but after death you will lose most of your equipment. Since you want to maintain your supplies and equipment, you may be wondering if there is a way to divide your objects and how to do it in The Cycle: Frontier.


Is there a way to divide objects in The Cycle: Frontier?

In The Cycle: Frontier there is a way to divide objects. To do this, hold Shift and click the left mouse button . This will allow you to divide objects in your inventory and bring less. Are you at the station or on the surface of the planet, you can divide objects in your inventory.

The best items for separation are useful objects, such as grenades and therapeutic objects. This facilitates viewing how much you have, and normalizing them for your drops. If you play with friends, you can also share items between your detachment.

is it worth it to separate objects?

We recommend sharing your goods and contributing a limited amount when switching to a run. This reduces the likelihood of loss of a certain subject if you die on the surface. During cleaning, you must combine your items to save space in the inventory.

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