How to perform a reward for clearing the web in Diablo Immortal

Awards in Diablo Immortal are mini-quests in which you need to kill a certain number of monsters to complete the task. This can be done quickly, which will help you gain experience and some awards. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the Clearing The Cobwebs award.

How to complete the Cleaning web in Diablo Immortal

To complete the Cleaning of the Web, you need to kill 50 spiders in a small territory near the cemetery. The problem is that at the moment there are no 50 spiders, and only five creatures. To finish the award, you will have to kill five spiders and wait about 10 minutes to revive. Just stand and wait until some spiders appear is a waste of time. While Blizzard does not correct this mistake, it is better to abandon the Cleaning of the Web and move on.

How to refuse a reward in Diablo Immortal

To refuse a reward in Diablo Immortal, follow the following simple actions:

  1. If you have accepted this award, go to menu .

  1. Select quests option.
  2. Select abandon the quest .

4. Go to go to a remuneration board is in Westmark to choose another reward.

How to update the award board in Diablo Immortal

You will receive awards every day, and if you do not like them, you can update them for another. If you finish with the Walking of the Web, just update it, Pressing the update button in the upper left corner of the award.

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