The RUST survival simulator received an update in which the developers significantly revised the shooting mechanics, in particular, the return and spread of bullets.

Instead of template return, the game is now implemented in the game, the sighting of the gradient for automatic weapons is implemented. In other words, the longer the trigger is clamped, the less accurate and unpredictable shooting will be. Previously, the scatter was always the same, which allowed it to literally learn by heart. A targeted cone was also updated (the inaccuracy of the bullets regarding where you aim). This means that now automatic fire at a long distance significantly reduces DPS. Such changes will stimulate players to use the right weapon in certain situations.


In addition, the sound effects of most weapons, as well as some dynamic animation, were updated. Visual changes were also made in the mechanics of fixing the damage so that the player would better understand which side they shoot at him.

And a new machine gun was presented, which can be scattered. It has killer power, but low accuracy. The best use of this weapon is fire for suppression.

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