In the brand-new PvP parlor game you are poultries with outfits as well as fires everything down for you

Chickenoidz Super Party is a brand-new multiplayer shooter in which you, as a hen in numerous sectors, need to defend success.
Exactly how does the video game go? In Chickenoidz you play chickens and need to complete against various other players in wild fights.
The rounds last 10 mins and also you have a selection of funny tools, such as the water gun or a slingshot that fires with poultry eggs.
The objective is simple: riveting and winning every little thing!

In the 1-4 gamers of exchange you can likewise make use of special assaults, such as the boxing handwear cover or the portable press reporter, which quickly brings you to safety and security.
It is not yet clear when Chickenoidz will certainly appear.
On the heavy steam side there is only the chicken puts an egg.
Since the video game only got the vapor web page on May 24th, it can still take a while.
You can put it on the wish list.
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