What kind of game is Prasian Electric, aiming to popularize the siege?

Nexon’s new MMORPG ‘Prasian Electric’, which was released as a catchphrase of the siege of the siege, was released on the 27th.

‘Prasian Electric’ is the first game of Nexon’s four core projects released under the name ‘Project ER’ in the Nexon Media Showcase on August 5 last year. In the showcase, Kim Dae-wyong talked about the siege of the end content of the domestic MMORPG and introduced ‘Prasian Electric’, which is “a game that will lead the popularization of the siege with the theme of the siege that anyone can participate.”

In general, it is called a siege war, and most of the two major forces in the game are to collide to occupy certain areas of sex. Therefore, it was considered exclusive for the top players. This is because the player’s personal stats should be high, as well as with the huge forces (guilds). But ‘Prasian Electric’ is different. Unlike the siege war so far, the barriers to entry have been greatly lowered so that anyone can enjoy it.

The player must own and operate the estate, build a base, and fight fiercely to occupy or protect another base. The important thing is that either is not easy. While the existing siege warfare was held only in certain times, the Siege of Prasian Electric will be held in real time for 24 hours, so you can experience a true battlefield at every moment.

If so, what kind of siege that Prasian Electric pursues? The in-game teaser video, which was released on the 27th, was able to confirm the approximate information about this. The video shows that both forces are clashed with a base. Considering that it is an in-game video, not just a trailer, there are about three information that can be checked through the video. The first is siege weapon. From dialysis, tank-like charges, and huge sums summoned by both forces. You can get a glimpse of various siege weapons.

It is also worth noting the part of the battle. In the video, the siege users who filled the screen were driven by the siege and rushing towards the dustproof side. Unless it’s a simple directing screen, it can be seen as a gain by coveting the vehicle.

The terrain destruction elements that will be a variable in the siege are also predicted. In the video, it contains measures that are destroyed by the dialysis on the siege side, so in addition to the gates in the siege war, various strategies and tactics will be needed.

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Meanwhile, Nexon will release a number of details of ‘Prasian Electric’ at the Nexon Development Jacquards (NDC) held on June 8th. Let’s check out through NDC how to pursue the popularization of siege warfare from the detailed combat content design process.

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