Kakao Games opened its official game café of Umamus Me Pretty Derby (hereinafter referred to as Umamus Me) today (30th) and unveiled the official release date of Umamusme. Umamus Me will be officially serviced through the upcoming June 20 through Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Umamusme was first released in 2021 and struck Japan. It is a work that features a race horse ‘Moehwa’. About a year after its launch in Japan, it has surpassed 14 million downloads as of April, and has been the top spot in Japan as well as in Korea.

In the work, the star racing in Japan, Mine Goldship, Oguri Cap, Silence Suzuka, and Meiro McQueen appear as a beautiful girl character. The player becomes a trainer who fosters race horses and trains Umamusmes to defeat the Twinkle series and become the best Umamusume.

Umamus Me’s domestic publishing was played by Kakao Games, released its first teaser video in March, and has been making a reservation since April 26.

Kakao Games, who announced the news of the new schedule through the newly opened Umamus Me Cafe, said, “We are preparing to meet users with users, so we ask for a lot of support until the official opening.”

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Meanwhile, in commemoration of the domestic launch, the celebration of the performers who added vividness to the character was also released. The video included Waki Azumi of ‘Special Week’, Kono Marika in Silence Suzuka, and MACHICO in ‘Tokai Teo’.

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