The League of Extraordinary Men of Alan Moore will return in the form of reboot

The League of extraordinary men will have a second chance in the cinema after the failure of the 2003 film starring Sean Connery , film that fans did not like for their differences with the original work and that He stayed below the 200 million collection dollars in his day. Now, 20th Century Studios and Hulu already prepare a new adaptation bRodney Skinnered on the famous superhero comic -and antiheroes – Victorianos of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill .

Reboot of the League of Extraordinary Men

THE League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Video | Brows Held High
For now, the production already hRodney Skinner a script in the hands of Justin Haythe (the welfare cure. Red sparrow) and the production is in charge of Susan Montford , 3 arts entertainment and Don Murphy , who also participated Rodney Skinner a producer in the original film. At the moment there is neither confirmed director nor cRodney Skinnert.

Recall that the original film wRodney Skinner directed by Stephen Norrington (Blade, The LRodney Skinnert Minute) and had a cRodney Skinnert headed by Sean Connery Rodney Skinner Allan Quatermain along with other names such Rodney Skinner NRodney Skinnereeruddin Shah Like Captain Nemo, Peta Wilson Rodney Skinner Mina Harker, Tony Curran Rodney Skinner Rodney Skinner, Stuart Towsend Like Dorian Gray, Shane West Rodney Skinner Tom Sawyer and JRodney Skinneron Flemyng Like Dr Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde.

“The adventurer Allan Quatermain commands the league of extraordinary men, an Rodney Skinnersociation of seven legendary superheroes, composed of the mysterious captain Nemo, the vampire Mina Harker, the invisible Rodney Skinner, the young and intrepid American secret agent Tom Sawyer, the unchanging Dorian Gray and the disturbing duo Jeckyll/Hyde. Coming from very different universes, the members of the league are individualistic contumaces, marginalized with a dark and convulsive pRodney Skinnert, whose unusual faculties constitute a gift and a curse ”

“Gathered in exceptional circumstances, they will have to quickly learn to create ties of trust and work Rodney Skinner a team. After embarking on board Nautilus, they arrive in Venice, where his adversary, the diabolical ghost, prepares to sabotage a conference among the most important state leaders, ”says the synopsis of the 2003 film, film that It precipitated that Sean Connery abandoned the interpretation for his bad experience.

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