Competition: Get 3 x Kirby and the forgotten country

The residents of the planet pop are quite cuddly. Above all Kirby. The fact that one should not put on with him learn the enemy bar pack in Kirby and the forgotten country. You can now stand by Kirby if you take part in our competition and get the game home!

Actually, Kirby only wants to enjoy his hungry existence, but at first nothing becomes. Because if he is not just knocking on Super Smash Bros. with other Nintendo heroes, he has to compete again. Because a strange vertebrae appears in the sky over Planet Pop and absorbs everything.

Sometimes an interesting experience for Kirby. Find out as it is, so nothing to me to be sucked up . Otherwise it is completely his thing! When Kirby wakes up after the campaign, he is in a world unknown to him in which nature and civilization are merged. There he learns that the Waddle Dees have been kidnapped by the so -called BesteRudel .

Together with his peculiar new friend Elfilin, Kirby breaks up to save the Waddle Dees and bring them home. If you want to explore this whole new world yourself, we have good news for you. Because Nintendo donates 3 x Kirby and the forgotten Land for Nintendo Switch. And a few pretty merch articles on top. Provided that you take part in our competition and will then also be drawn. Are you ready? Of course you are!

I want to win! What should I do?

Everyone should know Kirby’s superpower: he can suck in his opponents and thus take over her skills. With the forces obtained in this way you can use new attacks , but also rescue hidden treasures and otherwise ventilate inaccessible secrets. Among these skills there are some classics that are also there in Kirby and the forgotten country. In addition, there are also a few completely new skills! We have listed three of these skills below, one of them is brand new. Which is it?

a) ice and fire

b) drill and explorer

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Full Game 100% Walkthrough

c) sword and hedgehog

If you are not sure, a look at the official Nintendo game page may help. By the way, you will also find the opportunity to download a demo for the game. Or you can visit the Nintendo eShop on your switch and get the demo there.

If you have been there so far, send us your answer by email to the address [email protected] and please pay attention to the following rules:

  • Writes the password in the subject line.
  • Don’t forget to specify your answer in the email!
  • Share your shipping address in the email, otherwise we cannot pay you the profits.

Your data will be used exclusively to process shipping, after which you will be deleted. Please pay attention to the completeness of your answer. Unfortunately, incomplete submissions are eliminated, even if they are pulled. The deadline is Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. .

The winners will be drawn under all correct entries and notified by email.

*Nintendo has created many iconic figures. What do you think which one of your adventures best suits your zodiac sign? We have the (not very serious) answer:

By participating in the competition, you agree and confirm that you have read and accept the conditions of participation and the data protection conditions. All personal participant data will be deleted from our active systems at least 30 days after the competition has expired. As mentioned above, your address data are used exclusively to send the profits and not use them for other purposes. We look forward to your answers and hope you enjoy participation!

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