They announce a new game of the Justice League

Since the universe of marvel films and dc is present in pop culture, it seems that people’s interest in seeing their heroes in video games has become a constant. For that reason, Publishers do not stop taking titles behind each other, either of greater or lesser budget, and now they have just announced a project in relation to the Justice League. _

Through a trailer they made us known dc Justice League, a video game that will gather the most important heroes in the world dc to fight the most dangerous threats on earth. However, in this video there were not many details beyond the aspect that the characters will have, these being large heads with a small body.

The person in charge of this title will be _Oright Games, a company that is normally responsible for making adaptations focused on smaller players, so you should not expect a complex plot. On the contrary, you can expect it to be something more relaxed and with humor touches.

Here the frequent questions that are asked to the developer study, pHl collective, regarding the game:

What else can you tell us about the game?

We cannot say too much at this time, apart from that it will be a great action adventure with some of the most iconic superheroes on the planet! Soon we will announce more.

Which of the DC superheroes are included in the game?

You can play as some of the most iconic members of the Justice League while facing some of the most powerful villains in the DC universe.

Is there any dubbing actor of the program present in the game?

We will share more about voice actors!

Is there payment content in the game?

There is no payment content in this title.

Will there be DLC?

We are looking for DLC opportunities, but nothing is confirmed at this time.

What age classification is it?


The game is aimed at over 10 years: it will be excellent for family and friends to participate!

As for the departure date, it is only mentioned that it will arrive at some point in 2023. It will be launched in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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