The popularity of Apex Legends in Newcastle reduces Lifelines selection rate

Apex Legends players had a week to get used to the update of season 13 and the introduction of Newcastle, the latest face of the APEX games, into the list of playable characters. Before he was released, the fans were concerned that his skills would overlap with those of Lifeline and ultimately drown them out – and it looks as if these concerns were reasonably justified. It was only a week ago, but Newcastle is selected twice as often in the game as Lifeline.

Look at APEX LEGENDS status, we can see that Newcastle will be selected in about 8 % of cases at the time of writing this article. Lifeline is now 3.9 %. This corresponds to a change in the popularity of Lifeline by about 5 % – a large decline. These numbers may appear small, but if you look at the huge number of players from Apex Legends, it is actually a fairly large number of players.

Of course, this could only be a temporary population that reflects the fact that Newcastle is the latest legend in the game. However, the concerns expressed by the players are not unfounded, and Lifeline Main has been calling for changes for some time.

During season 9, Lifeline’s passive ability to “rescue” the “fighting” lost what many consider their most important quality: the resuscitation sign. This impenetrable barrier made Lifeline an important part of every squad, and her distance hit it hard. We are pursuing season 13 and the publication of Newcastle and we have the same problem – or at least what people think.

In its current state, Newcastles passive ability Retrieve the Wounded players, a resuscitation sign – a kind of resuscitation sign – enables the players to use depressed teammates to safety before they resume. It can break, so it is not identical to the original passive ability of Lifeline Combat Revive, but fans ask questions about why this game mechanism was removed from Lifeline and reintroduced in another legend.

To make things more interesting, Devan McGuire, Senior Game Designer of Apex Legends, revealed during the press events before the publication that Lifeline will not experience any changes in the foreseeable future – and even goes so far that they are currently at one Healthy place. However, this is not necessarily reflected in the numbers.

Of course, Lifeline is not at the bottom of the list when it comes to the popularity of legends and the selection rates in the game, but it has decreased significantly for the first time in a long time and has lost popularity since this fateful season. When season 9 started, it was around 9 %. During the 10th and 11th season, this proportion was almost 7 % and in season 12 it was only selected about 5 % of the time. There is the argument that the percentage of every legend would logically decrease if the squad grows, but this declining trend was not the case for the one below (crypto and rampart) or the one at the top (octane and Wrraith).

This ultimately made the fans ask how bad it has to be before Lifeline gets the buff that their fans in their opinion earn – an update with which they are one of the most popular characters of Apex Legends would return. At the moment we don’t know – and respawn entertainment seems to be pretty sure that she doesn’t need an update.

Although Newcastle was added to the list as a supporting legend, Lifeline still remains the only active healer in Apex Legends. If you want to know where you are sitting in our APEX Legends ranking, you can find out here. If you upgrade yourself for the ranking list mode, take a look at our updated guide to the APEX Legends ranks and all changes to the ranking modes.

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