Salt and Sacrifice icon of Pandemonium boss

Icon of Pandemonium is another terrifying Salt and Sacrifice boss. If you want to defeat this creature, you came to the right place.

Location of the icon “Salt and sacrifice of the pandemonium”

Salt And Sacrifice The Icon Of Pandemonium Boss Fight

You can find the pandemonium icon in the sky citadel. When you get to the end of the citadel, bypassing rotating traps, the etheric hole will deliver you to the upper platform. Continue to go and you will come across a pulley. You can ride a pulley to unlock the shortcut from the lower floor, and then return, or simply ignore it and jump onto the platform above the pulley to climb the stairs.

Activate the stone circle, and then move along the air ventilation ducts to the right of you to get to the luminous seizure points. Be sure to start moving as soon as you activate the stone circle. Use the capture points to get to the upper left ledge. Activate the obelisk here and move up to meet the pandemonium icon.

How to defeat the icon of the Pandemonium in Salt and Sacrifice

Unlike other bosses, Icon of Pandemonium is in a flight state. This gives you the opportunity to easily lag behind the boss, just running under it. It is also what you will mostly do during the battle.

However, when he uses the “flash of lightning” and “lightning storm”, you will need to move away and stay at a distance. Lightning Burst causes an explosion around Icon of Pandemonium. Lightning Storm creates random balls of lightning around the arena. You will get a lot of damage if you hide around the boss during any of these attacks.

In addition, be prepared to jump when he uses Grounded Lightning. However, you need to calculate the time of your jumps, because the early jump during the animation of the attack will most likely catch you. Also note that he will cast two sets of bolts. There will be a delay between them, and, therefore, as mentioned earlier, you need to calculate the leap time.

The rest of the battle should be simple.

Salt and Sacrifice icon of Pandemonium Drops/Rewards

You will receive the following awards for the victory over the pandemonium icon:

  • Carved cat
  • Ashpir Trio
  • Salt x20 077
  • Silver x560

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