The Lapins Cretins Party of Legends: Le Party

For several years, Ubisoft has disinterested in its moron rabbits, however ultra popular in the years 2006 to 2010. To make them still exist in the video game landscape, the French publisher had the good idea to associate them with Mario In a tactical-RPG which knew how to find its audience and whose 2nd episode is expected this year. In the meantime, during its latest financial results, Ubisoft spoke of the arrival in the West of the Rabbids: Party of Legends, a party-game on Nintendo Switch and until now reserved for the Chinese market since 2019. But the game will experience a New release since the Western markets will be able to discover it from June 30, 2022, at the price of € 39.99, both on the eShop and in the box version. It is therefore the right time to offer you the trailer of the time, doubled only in Chinese.

THE LAPINS CRÉTINS Party of Legends : Bande Annonce Officielle
– Up to 4 players locally
– 50 mini-games
– Possibility to create personalized lists with your favorite games

– Customizable difficulty level

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