Will it be a “hazy” RPG? “Eagen RPG” Steam Store Page released on an adult site

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This article includes a link to an adult page.
Please be careful when browsing.

Publisher Otaku Plan has released the Steam store page of the RPG “RPG **”, which is handled by the game circle YELLOW GEM.

This work is an RPG featuring a side view battle, a blacksmith system, and a monster with gimmicks. The protagonist of the memory loss, reincarnated in the world of Deheanina, gathers friends as the “tradition of tradition” in the land and fights the devils.

Originally released on DLsite and BOOTH for adults, it is a common sense that girls do not wear anything below in the game stage. For this reason, the standing picture of the character is also drawn without wearing underwear, so it is difficult to break through Steam judging as it is.

Like the other works of the publisher, it may be a combination of adult patches, but in that case it may be a “woven” RPG without a patch.

“RPG that doesn’t wear” will be released on Steam for PCs. It is being released on DLsite and BOOTH for adults.

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