Limited legends! “APEX LEGENDS MOBILE” preceding play repo that allows you to enjoy optimized experiences for mobile

Electronic Arts recently announced that it will release Battrois, APEX LEGENDS Mobile, for smartphones, will be released all over the world on May 18.

Since we were able to play ahead of the world release at the media event held the other day, we will deliver the difference from the PC and console version that we found from it.

How is it different from the PC / console version? Introducing mobile version limited mode and legends

This work is a work that can be experienced in the form of optimized for mobile use of “APEX LEGENDS”, which is popular on PCs and console. Development is in charge of LightSpeed & Quantum Studios, who has a proven track record of Pubg Mobile.

I know that the trailers that have already been released can be played with high -quality graphics at the level that are almost comparable to the PC and console version, but where is the difference unique to the mobile version?

First of all, the biggest difference is the existence of new legend “Fade” . This legend is currently a mobile -only legend , and there is no plan to distribute it to the PC / console version.

Some abilities use the same “empty sky” as “Wrays”, but they are completely different from other legends. In the mobile version, in addition to the “Fade”, a total of 10 people, which were implemented in the early PC and console version, can be used.

The ability of the fade is as follows.

Passive ability “Slip stream”: The speed temporarily increases at the end of the sliding

Tactical ability “Flashback”: Return to the place where you were a little before using the void. Effective when the war situation gets worse

Ultimate Ability “Phase Chamber”: Send enemies within the throwing range to the void

As I actually used, I felt that it was a legend specialized in “escape”. For example, you can use a “flashback” to go back to defeat the weakened enemy in a fierce battlefield, and use “flashback” when you pinch. However, you only need to return to the place you mentioned earlier, not to escape far away, so you need to think about the timing of getting around and using it.

If you throw the “phase chamber” of Ultimate, the enemy in the range will be blown into the void while receiving a little damage. The enemy in the void does not attack, but on the contrary, this is also an ability to use it mainly for escape. Because the cool down is short, I want to use it aggressively in a fierce battlefield.

The passive “slip stream” is also a powerful ability that temporarily increases the movement ability by simply sliding, so if you are good at shooting, it will be a very troublesome and powerful opponent.

The new legend is not the only major new element of the mobile version. By using a legend, you can get a mastery point and use it to release the park. Up to three parks can be installed, and you can get a little buff. Isn’t the tactic width even more than the PC / console version?

The mobile version tends to hide the game screen with the finger because all operations are performed with the virtual buttons on the screen. In this work, there are various ideas in terms of comfort. Not only the functions that are commonplace in mobile shooters, such as changing button layouts and automatic pick -up of useful items, but also the features unique to this work, such as the place where the grappling hook of the legend “Pass Finder” is stuck in the blue circle.

In addition, you can switch between first -person viewpoints and third -person perspectives like “PUBG”. By pulling the viewpoint backwards rather than the first person, it is difficult to hide the part you want to see during the battle. Please be assured that you can also select the first person mode.

In the PC / Console version, the release of the legend was obtained by in -game currency or billing, but in the mobile version, nine initial legends can be obtained as level -ups and Daily Login rewards. It’s a very bold specification, but it’s quite good that all legends can be released quickly because I want to change the legends used depending on my mood and strategy.

There is no significant difference in the gameplay of the battle mode itself, and there is no special point, so I will omit it. After all, I reconfirmed that it is a great attraction to be able to enjoy the experience of “APEX Legends” easily on mobile.

It’s not just Battroi! Mode where you can easily play

Depending on the surviving ranking, Battroi tends to take a lot of time for 30 to 40 minutes per match. When playing games on mobile, I want to play with a little free time! I think that there are many scenes, but this work, which has a wide variety of modes other than Battroi, can enjoy this work even in such a case.

You can easily enjoy shooting in a short time in Team Deathmatch and Arena with a response, and play special rules. Special rules can play three types: rules that automatically recover in a specific area, rules that can only be picked up by shotguns and snipers, and rules that start with a considerable narrow area. As for my impression, it was not very interesting. However, it seems that you can play a breathtaking way of playing seriously.

In addition, there are also more polite tutorials and practice modes using a firing training ground. Therefore, even beginners of “Apex Legends” can learn weapons and character control in detail. In addition, a weekly chachallenge mode is also available, and you can get rewards by handing out the specified missions such as aim practice at the shooting training area. I want this to be honest PC and console version…!

Most cosmetic items such as weapon skins and costumes are limited to mobile versions. This is to avoid a user who has already played the PC/console version for the same item in the mobile version. A new one appears every month, and the challenge is updated every week or every day. You can get items according to the theme.

“APEX LEGENDS Mobile” was a work that could enjoy the experience of “APEX Legends” that you enjoy on your PC and console. It is also a good idea to be able to divide the mode of playing in the way, such as Batrova, crispy and arena/TDM. At this time, there are multiple limited contents, and mobile limited maps will be released in the future. People who are already enjoying on a PC / console can enjoy it with a fresh feeling.

“APEX Legends Mobile” will be distributed on May 18 for iOS/Android.

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