WoW Patch 9.2.5: Waffen

With patch 9.2.5 from WoW: Shadowlands Get it Blood elves and dark iron gnomes their own traditional weapons. The transmog weapons of the two peoples will visually fit the traditional armor already available. Blood elves receive a pole weapon called Veil-Touched Ranseur and dark iron gnomes get through Arsenal: Lavaforge Armamentents a one-hand ax, a shield and a two-handed piston. It is not yet known whether blood elf gets a shield and a one -handed weapon.

Everything you have to do for the new transmog items is to complete a short quest series. Dark iron gnomes go in the black rock and blood elves in the Shadowlands capital Oribos will meet Lady Leadin, which has a task for your blood elf.
In patch 9.2.5 from WoW Shadowlands, a traditional weapon gets from WoW Shadowlands to match their traditional armor. Dark iron gnomes even get three traditional weapons. Source:
In the latest build of the Testrealm for Patch 9.2.5, not only dark iron gnomes and blood elfs are given the opportunity to present their special weapons. If it is not a bug, you can swing the weapons of the dark iron gnomes and blood elfs with all other characters and peoples after the Transmog template was activated.
WOW Patch 9.2.5: Weapons transmogs of dark iron gnomes and blood elfs for all (3) Source: Wowhead Whether this is really wanted, we will have to wait. After all, the items are specifically tailored to the two peoples. However, changes to the transmog rules for artifact weapons have shown that the developers do not always take it so precisely and give players some freedom. Will you get the transmog weapons in Patch 9.2.5 immediately? Write us in the comments.


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