Again Dreisamstadion: Last professional game for Flum

In August 2008, Johannes Flum played his first home game as a professional of SC Freiburg in the Dreisamstadion, in the 2nd Bundesliga against 1860 Munich (2-1, SC goal shooters Günes and Ghviaitz by own goal, Flum received the Johannes Flum note 3), in Year later, the debut in the Bundesliga against Hamburger SV (1-1, goal scorer Bechmann, Flum with a grade of 2.5). The native of South Baden played a total of 131 times in the Bundesliga and 108 times in the 2nd Bundesliga, for the sports club, for Eintracht Frankfurt and FC St. Pauli. He returned twice in his career to Freiburg, and now he ends her.

It all started in 2001

In the summer of 2001, Flum came to the Freiburg football school as a 13-year-old and was one of the smallest at the time, as SC coach Christian Streich remembers. “At 19 he was one of the greatest, he shot up.” In the meantime, however, it was the end of him at the sports club. After his last year in the U 19 of the SC, he went to SC Pfullendorf for two years and played regional league. Flumi, as everyone calls him at the sports club, had said goodbye with the winning of the DFB Junior Cup in 2006, which he won together with coach Streich. Sandrino Braun-Schumacher, with whom he played together again at SC in his last two seasons, was part of the team at the time.

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“He took a long way over the Black Forest to us in training,” says Streich about the flum from Waldshut-Tiengen on the Hochrhein, “It is a great story with him, he also worked a lot, has fought a lot To the whole Bundesliga games he made. ” He collected most of them from 2008 to 2013 after he had returned from Pfullendorf to Freiburg. Then he moved to Eintracht Frankfurt for four years, fought back on the pitch after a serious knee injury, and played at FC St. Pauli from 2017 to 2020.

Return from the north

From the north it went back home. Flum was fetched as a leader for the second team in 2020 and rose to the 3rd division with her. So there was another new league for him, in which he continued to be the captain of the U 23, but only came to 15 mostly short missions. Nevertheless, he “took on a role model with hunger and passion every day with hunger and passion,” says SC-II trainer Thomas Stamm. The fact that he now ends his career is “human and sporty a big loss, but he considered this decision well and it is nice that we can keep it in the club”.

Flum will become an assistant coach in the U 16 at the Sport Club for the coming season. Streich is “convinced that he becomes a very good youth coach because he has a lot with him because he likes to work with young people and because he has a feel for her”. Before that, however, one last professional game for the 34-year-old is on the program, and that fittingly in the Dreisam Stadium. This is probably why around 2,000 tickets were sold for the game against Saarbrücken, although there is nothing more in terms of sport. A total of ten players are said goodbye to the U 23 today – but only Flum will get the farewell presents and warm words before the kick -off.

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