Dream team wanted

At “Dreamteam” I inevitably shoot names like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson or Larry Bird. However, they do not appear in Konamis Efootball 2022. However, it would be funny. However, the association is not strange, but the origin of the “dream team” goes back to the USA’s Olympic Basketball team in 1992 in Barcelona.

So the task is clear: committed footballers from all over the world and not only forms them into a successful team, but also into your dream club. With the restart of Efootball 2022 in April, the heart of Konami’s football simulation was also introduced.

Is DreamTeam the counterpart to FIFA Ultimate Team?

It is not quite that easy. Efootball’s interpretation is more reminiscent of well-known offline career modes, with the difference that the players in events and leagues compete online against others or the AI. However, there are no trading business.

As in FIFA Ultimate Team, the focus is also on the team composition. Players are signed directly for a whole calendar year. Free of discharge is possible if the corresponding player only looks on your feet.

Considered decisions are required, otherwise the hard money will be gone quickly. Speculations for growth in the value in EFOOTBALL are obsolete, transfer prices are stable.

proper camels

Because Konami took a little longer than planned, some welcome bonuses are released at the start of season 1. There is also “GP” (equivalent to FIFA coins) for training and for buying players with regular login, for various played events and even exclusive as an PS-Plus member.

Events GP. Both in the dream team and in authentics mode. GP can be used to develop the team. Konami

So my standard team was released “from game to game” and a rock-solid squad was put together. Even gold coins (equivalent to FIFA points) and list contracts for the purchase of special playerss are initially part of the welcome campaign.

Konami is quite in a funny mood to keep players in a completely renewed efootball and to be satisfied. The little rain of money pulled. I diligently collected log-in bonuses every day.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

The Dream team’s heart now wants to ensure long -term motivation. The accumulation of playerss from all over the world should become your team – a successful unit. With a view to real football, this rarely works with indiscriminate purchases from top players.

Players can improve through step training or played games. Bought on the transfer market, like our young Nico here, have enormous potential. However, iconic footballers from actions can only rise a few stages. Konami

That is why there is both training sessions and development levels in Efootball 2022 Dreamtam. These form not only the individual player, but the entire system. The more you play, the more experience points you can put in your squad. In the end, the entire club benefits.

A rating of the team game style informs how well the formation can do your game idea. Once the 70s brand has broken, running and pass paths are better coordinated – regardless of the origin or team affiliation. Your team is constantly developing.

“Quality comes from tortures”

It is advisable to first play games against the AI. Not only to collect development points, but also to gain security in your own game. Who wants to end online with a half -trained rumpel troop as a cannon feed?

The way to the dream team demands development and training. The “team game style” provides information about the harmony within the team. Under 70, the style is independent of the individual strength of a rumpel force. Konami

In addition, these events always throw out a useful amount of prize money in the form of GPS, which can be invested in the team to improve the team. The difficulty level can be adjusted. The higher the skill, the faster it goes through the event.

However, there were some balancing problems that make it difficult to play through at just one step. Just won 4: 0, the next game had a 2: 4 swatter against a similarly strong opponent.

There are fewer rewards in the actual league. The focus here is on the competitive idea. Depending on the time of day, online encounters with longer waiting times must be expected for an opponent. However, there is the possibility to expand the selection group globally.

In addition, there is currently still no matchmaking system. So it can happen that too strong or weak opponents are drawn.

Who pays?

Legendary players can currently only be purchased against real money via gold coins. With luck, there are really strong players, but they have few further development opportunities. The long -term structure is sustainably stronger than the short -term high investment.

The transfer market is richly stocked. There are only special players against gold or license coins, normal players can be purchased against the blue GP in the middle of the picture. Konami

The Great Finisher special card from Salah, for example, is directly in the squad after purchase with a rating of 93. Salah’s standard card starts at 88 for 1.1 million GP. Anyone who distributes their points during the improvement of the player has good chances of a Liverpool right wing with a rating of 96 and top game idea team spirit.

Points can be awarded for the player or the team game idea in different categories. For example, for shot, dribbling, defensive in the player and long ball, possession or counterattack in the game idea.

96 with a limited Salah from the Great Finisher program is also possible as an optimum, but always with drawbacks for the game idea classification. The result is a worse interaction of your dream team. So if you want to integrate it as a team player, you will hardly be able to raise the Great finish version.

Young playerss like Barca’s young talent Nico, who can achieve a high total value for almost 20,000 GP for almost 20,000 GP.


This is exactly the attraction of Efootball 2022 in Dreamteam mode, which keeps pulling you back to the console. You only improve your team through real money use. The actual development comes through the game.

Konami has found a good balance to make the free-to-play title attractive for various approaches. If you want to put together a strong team quickly, you can do this by using real money, you have to accept cuts. However, investing time in development pays off.

Events provide incentive for rewards that can be used individually without pouring out iconic cards. The league pushes the competitive thoughts. The game is played according to your own taste. So far there are over 30 hours in my dream team.

With the weekly changes offered by Konami, there is no end in sight. My dream team is still far from the idea that the US basketball team once brought together. Efootball 2022 Dreamteam, on the other hand, is not only a good football game, but already a motivating long -term employment.

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