Best shotgun in Apex Legends (season 13): All 4 shotguns in the ranking

Season 13 of Apex legends is imminent, so it is time to classify the shotguns. There are only four shotguns in Apex Legends, so it is not too difficult to see which shotgun is the best. If you are new or just curious, you will find the best shotguns in Apex Legends Season 13.

Thanks to Mad Maggie, shotguns in season 12 were a pretty big deal. You will definitely still be a big thing in season 13 as a good opponent to Newcastle’s shields, so it is important to know which shotguns are the best. We will treat all patch notices, map changes and Newcastle in our APEX Legends guidelines, so have a look there.


The first and lowest shotgun in this ranking is the Mozambique e. Although it is still a usable shotgun, it is not as strong as the other shotguns. The Mozambique is a great choice for early fights when it gets hot and can do great damage if they are consistent. The reason why the Mozambique lies at the bottom is that it is more difficult to use compared to other shotguns and ends up shots reliably.

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The next shotgun on the list is the Eva-8 . Because of its rapid fire rate, this shotgun is one step better than the Mozambique. In addition, it is not a pistol like the Mozambique, so it offers a little more stability when trying to connect shots. The EVA-8 is a solid shotgun, but is quickly exceeded by the other two on this list.


The peace guard is probably the best shotgun in the game, but since the mastiff goes to the Care Package this season, the Peapeeper takes second place. The Peapekeeper has the closest grouping of all shotguns and can therefore cause a lot of damage. However, the number of shots you get before reloading is not the best, so you have to land your shots to maximize this shotgun. As with every shotgun on this list, if you find that you do not cut off well, switch to another.


Last but not least, we have the Dogge . The mastiff has always been an incredible shotgun that could record it with the Peapekeeper, but since it received the Care Package, it has become a larger and worse legendary weapon for this season. The mastiff is a great shotgun because it has a horizontal scatter that offers its shots a lot of forgiveness. It is powerful like the Peapekeeper and just as reliable. No matter which shotgun you choose, you really can’t go wrong because you are all good in your own.

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