Outiders has not been profitable for Square Enix

Scoltas The developer People Can Fly has revealed that the 2021 third -person shooting game has not been profitable for editor Square Enix. Despite Scoltas it went quite well last year in terms of receiving fans and critics, it seems that People Can Fly fought to attract a hearing large enough for the title to earn enough money to get profits. Now, a little more than a month before the game Assino de Mundos Expansion releases, it sounds like escoltas could never recover its development funds.

In a statement recently published by People Can Fly, the study confirmed that “the net profits of the sale of escoltas were insufficient to recover the costs and expenses incurred by the editor to develop, distribute and promote the title.” In short, this simply means that the title has not generated profits, which is not good to listen. The study continued to say that “there is no security” that sales of escoltas will ever end up obtaining profits. Basically, this is not good for any of the parties involved, much less for those who expected to see more than escoltas in the future.

Square Enix Lost $200 Million To Poor Sales Of Marvel Games & Outriders Didn't Turn A Profit Either
The reason why this news is extremely interesting is because last week, Square Enix decided to sell several of its main western studies. In a sale for a sum of $ 300 million to embarrass, Square Enix sold Eidos Montreal, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal to accompany a different series of IP. And although People Can Fly is an independent study, Square Enix does own the escoltas property. As such, since Square already shows that he is losing interest in many Western titles and the fact that the game has not earned money, seems very unlikely that the editor seeks to do something new with this series soon.

Even so, as mentioned earlier, escoltas will receive a new lot of DLC on June 30 known as Assino de Mundos. This expansion will reach Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms. Whether it ends up drawing a new course for escoltas in the search to become profitable, it is yet to be seen, but according to what we know now, it seems that this could be one of the latest pieces of important content that will receive the game.

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