In the new update for MMORPG Mortal Online 2, players will be able to take part in the hunting of their heads, gain access to new jewelry for their houses, as well as some additional visual improvements of the legendary weapons.

Patch will add several new things to the game, one of which is the “Hunter Hunter” system. The Hunter of the head, an accomplice of Coraxi, was added to all cities, along with poultry of Coraxi. Another change is associated with the guild diplomacy system. According to the latest update, if your guild covers more than one killer, you may be declared war.

The legendary weapon will receive some visual improvements, and there will also be many new items for those who want to equip their home. Last month, the limit of objects that can be placed in your home was increased in Mortal Online 2. In addition to all the innovations in this patce, more than a dozen corrections and balancing changes were made.

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