Best landings in Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite: Battle Royale‘s has entered Chapter 2, which means a brand new card, new locations and new potential deposit locations from which choose. Where and when you deposit is quite important in fortnite, but you must first decide if you want to cultivate or fight. Different places will offer different things, with a few popular spots that will put you directly in combat. You may prefer to land in a quiet location, close, use an upgrade bench to put your weapons in shape, then head to the next circle.

We have some tips for finding the best loot, the most action and even if you want to avoid confrontation at the start of the game.

Best landings in Fortnite Chapter 2

Slurpy Swamp

It is a solid place to land, but it becomes more and more popular day by day, so it seems to become a place to go if you want to start fighting early in the match. Many weapons and shields are to be won, and many upgrade benches are also scattered in the surroundings, one of them being located in the middle of the factory.

Sands moist

Sweaty Sands has a lot of buildings, so a lot of loot. You will also find a boat, and the river in the bay will allow you to easily access the rest of the card.

Stepped cliffs

It will be a great place to start the game quietly when no challenge will be here. Decisses of loot if you are the only person available, an upgrade bench to recover the weapons that you will find up to a row or two, and a boat near the water make it a good place to cultivate, Then go to the hot spot.

Lac lazy

Head if you want to make sure you participate early in the fighting. It seems to be a popular place, with a lot of loot potential if you get there early. It is raised and surrounded by hills, so expect a lot of raised fights if you fall here.

Misty Meadows

Good potential for loot, a lot of wood and boats, this is another place that will probably offer you a quiet farm before heading for a more lively place.


Whenever I went here, it was a death z1. A good booty and many sneaky places where to hide have made this landing place a complete jet of dice in terms of making it alive.

Detail line

THE BEST Landing Spots To WIN MORE GAMES In Chapter 3 Season 2 - Fortnite Battle Royale Arena
If you are ready to bet everything on the victory in the first fights, Retail Row offers considerable loot potential, but you will have to fight to get it. Popularity could decrease over time, because I think a lot of people go there because it was a familiar place before Black Hole.

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