Apex Legends Season 13 Nerft the Kraber and all LMGs

The 13th season of Apex Legends is just around the corner and today is an important day – it’s time for patch notes, people. While there is much to be brooding, the headlines change nerfs for all four LMGs of the game, an interesting change to the two fortified legends of the Battle Royale (Gibraltar and Caustic) and a buff for the most unforgettable competitor of the APEX games.

So let’s start with these weapons changes, yes? In Apex Legends Season 13, nine weapons get their basic statistics, most of which are nerfs. The headlines are the nerfs for all four light machine guns of the Battle Royale (Spitfire, L-Star, Rampage and Devotion) and for the god-like Kraber-Scharfschützen rifle of the game. The Kraber’s head shot multiplier has been greatly reduced, and in connection with a head shot protection buff for blue and violet helmets, their one-shot crab kills become much more difficult.

Season 13 is also tinkering with shotguns, with the peace guard and Mozambique preserving small buffs, while the mastiff (the box weapon this season) also experiences some changes in equilibrium. Find out exactly what changes in your favorite weapons in the full APEX Legends-Patchnotizen.

In the legend department, Rampart’s equipment receives a healthy buff, since respawn tries to increase their selection rate, while Caustic and Gibraltar are slightly weakened by changing their fortified percony. They no longer suffer a reduced head shot damage.

For those who love to hoard healing, they may have to loot a little longer to stock up. The spawn rate for shield cells and syringes was reduced by about 18 % for this season.

There is also an interesting change for players who go out. Currently, blocking areas like any other part of the card are currently behaving, except that they receive a countdown to leave this area before they are killed in action. However, if you now want to navigate outside the borders, there is a much higher risk. Legendary skills and passive, weapons, healing objects and pretty much all other objects no longer work if they are outside the borders.

This will have a particularly disadvantageous effect on Valkyrie players, who can often plunge into high-aligned areas outside the borders with their Ult. This is probably also a change that was made with a view to the new legend Newcastle, which can cover its ultimate Castle Wall over long distances in order to join distant shootings. This super jump, like Valk’s Jetpacks, could probably catapult them into difficult -to -access areas outside the borders.

Apex Legends New Season 13 Buffs & Nerfs Patch Notes

These are the changes in the headlines, but there is much more to read in the complete patch notes. Expect with these legend changes that our APEX Legends ranking for season 13 receives a shock.

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