Developers responded to the voices of “APEX LEGENDS” and “I want to collect my teammate banners at Lover.” Is the further enhancement of noble bandits ants or pears?

In “ Apex Legends “, the developer seems to have talked about the coordination policy of Lover, one of the legends. Lover has been fighting in APEX Legends for about two years since his participation in Season 5. Initially, it was pointed out that the tactical abilities were poorly handled, but the renovation was repeated, making it a very convenient character. Ultimate abilities have also gained strengths to secure ammunition unlimited, and have increased their presence. According to an overseas media DEXERTO survey, the Rover’s pick rate is 4.2 % in the data of 8 million “APEX Legends” players. It is 10th out of 20 people, and it can be said that it is probably a mid -level legend, not to jump to the top.

Under these circumstances, some Lover players seem to want her to strengthen her further strength. For example, it seems that the user still wants to open an extended surprise box like a lifeline and to make the medical kit shield battery can be visible with passive ability iFork orility. And one of the ideas lined up in these proposals is “I want you to be able to collect your teammate banners with Ultimate Ability.”

Speaking of unprecedented teammates’ banner collection, it is currently possible only with a crypto dr1. He wants the same feature to be possible at the Lover’s ULT Black Market. These opinions have been repeatedly talked about in Reddit, and the same opinions have been reported several times by players who use Rover.

It seems that one of the users has decided to directly convey opinions to the APEX Legends developer. One Twitter user sent a reply to John Larson, JAYBIEB, a live balance designer at Respown Entertainment. We asked for an idea about the idea that could collect the banner on the rover. The user suggests that Rover’s Ultimate Ability is at risk of being exposed to the opponent, so that it can maintain the risks necessary for banner collection and to contribute to team play. There is.

Larson, on the other hand, has a negative attitude. LARSON believes that Lover doesn’t need any elements that are suggested. He mentions that the ability to prepare the team’s equipment through the match is directly linked to the strength of the battle royal. When the team had a low -bar, he said that his feelings were uplifting, and although he did not analyze it as an actual data, he said that the Lowba was working well in the current adjustment.

According to LARSON’s mention, it is unlikely that the lover will be directly enhanced, including banner collection. Nevertheless, the war will change in various ways, with the season 13 up close. It seems that we need to look carefully at the future regulation policy of existing legends.

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