Age of Empires IV hosts an event festival of centuries: Sounds of dreams

Within the framework of the second event of the first season, the Age of Empires IV festival of centuries takes place. Players can challenge the modification of the Royal Rumble game mode and fight with the enemy monarch. Performing special tasks, you will receive special awards that will allow you to demonstrate your festive spirit!

  • In the “Intelligence” task, you need to see the repetition of the battle – your or other player. As a reward, 1000 experience and the “gold notes” flag template are issued.
  • In the task “Demographic Boom” you need to produce 200 units in the “fight” or “multi -user game” modes. Award – a portrait of an harp and 1000 experience.
  • In the task “For the Empire” you need to defeat the king, playing the modification of the Royal Rumble mode. Award – an image on the flag “pipe” and 1000 experience.

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  • In the “Military Payk” task, you need to collect 1000 units of food in the rating match of the season. The award is a portrait of “Frantic Bard” and 1000 experience.

The festival will end on May 18. So there are plenty of time to receive all awards.

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