The first mobile game, the collectible RTS ‘Warcraft Arclight Rumble (hereinafter referred to as the Arclight Rumble), was released on the 4th of the morning. Most of the time, if you make a mobile game with a warcraft worldview, you will imagine MMORPG or action RPG, which is somewhat different from expected. In some ways, the RTS, which is the parent of the Warcraft series, is the result of modifying the mobile platform.

Blizzard said that it is a ‘tower offense game’ for Arclight Rumble. In fact, the main goal of the game is to use several units to break the heads corresponding to the tower in the enemy camp. The head of the head may be the head of the dragon or enemy. Various objects, such as the stones of the meeting and the attack tower, interfere with the player, and when the base is destroyed, it is defeated in the battle. Strategic elements have been strengthened through different map configuration for each various enemy units and missions.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble Primeiras impressões desse jogo mobile de graça

The characters in the game are reconstructing more than 60 Warcraft heroes and units as a miniature for board game. There are a total of five characters, with a total of five series: Alliance, Horde, Black Rock, Undead, and Beast. The Alliance has a lot of defensive units and spells, and the black rock is specialized in siege, and the Horde is efficient in killing the enemy units. Undead, like the name, can be summoned by summoning the skeleton troops, and the beast is a group that advances by trampling the enemy.

In constructing the deck, the player must first choose a commander. You can choose the famous heroes such as Grommash Health Cream and Joon or Proud Moore as commanders. The miniature can be strengthened through various goods that can be obtained through the game, and the commander, miniature, and powerful spells can be combined to form a troop that suits the player’s taste.

In the game, there is a single play campaign where you can enjoy more than 70 missions. There are many maps that are familiar to Warcraft fans such as thorn bush valley and Gurubashi Arena, and the missions are also very diverse, such as occupying the highlands or breaking through the enemy lines through the bombing of the ship. In addition, there is a dungeon, a content that changes every week. Dungeons aim for both solo and cooperative play. In addition, you can enjoy the raid targeting strong heads with other players and PVPs that can be played one -on -one.

Arclight Rumble, which has a character collection and vast amount of content, will be released later this year. For more information on the game, please visit the official website.

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