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Ideal combination of strategic war game and tower defense

In general, war games with strategic elements have high barriers to entry. You have to build a building and create a soldier to manipulate the tech tree, so you require both physical and brain. Therefore, it is also a game genre with a very large gap between masters and beginners. Is there a war game with low barriers to entry and a good strategy element and a taste to see?

‘Warpips’, which was released on April 22, is a pretty interesting war game that fits these requirements. The tower defense is combined with a strategy game, so you can easily enjoy it with a simple mouse click, but it also includes a strategy element that can win the resource and upgrade properly. Even if it’s not gorgeous, let’s look at the eye -catching voxel graphics and the unique characters of Warpipes.

Game Name : Warpips
Genre Name : Strategic Tower Defense
release date : 2022.04.22
Review : 2.0.16


Developer : skirmish mode Games
Service : Daedalic Entertainment
Platform : PC
Play : PC


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OK with just a mouse. Think, draw and observe

Waripes’ motto is that it can be easily and quickly learned and can build a in -depth war strategy. In fact, when I played the game, I could see how the game was rolling in the first edition without having to do a tutorial. This can be thought of as the game is complicated, but because it is very simple without intuitive or complicated, Waripes was close to the former.

As mentioned earlier, Worm’s game method is simple enough to understand without tutorials. The top view maps are the only teams of the player and the enemy headquarters, and there are one or two roads connected between them. This 1: 1 confrontation will be seen that anyone can break the enemy’s main camp without having to explain it.

Even if you do nothing, you will find that the soldiers that disappear in the red X shall when the money and the proper resources are gathered as time goes by, and the population that turns on yellow every time you create a soldier is player It helps to quickly grasp how much the maximum troops are.

The soldier appears as soon as it is created, but it automatically goes toward the enemy headquarters without any operation. Afterwards, if you encounter an enemy soldier while you’re on the road, you will attack and fight in line with a fixed pattern, such as hiding. Just as there is a tower defense in the subtitle genre of the game, resources are automatically generated and troop control is automatically performed, so the player does not seem to have many factors affecting the battle.

Three methods to be a great commander

If you have learned how to play an easy and simple game, it’s time to get to know the in -depth war strategy. As mentioned above, you can win just by creating a soldier every time you collect without any manipulation. However, the more difficult it becomes, the more you need to create a variety of variables for victory.

The first strategic factor for this is the use of level up and combat points. Battle points can be collected every time you level up the enemy, and you can get one point when you level up. The combat points you collected can increase unit ranks, cache and cache upgrades, increase deficiency supplies, and release special soldiers, and how to use the battle.

For example, if my soldier is stronger than the enemy and there is no problem with a small number of soldiers, it is better to quickly raise the unit rank to unlock new abilities. On the contrary, if the enemy is pushed in large quantities and can not afford it, the battle point should be immediately changed to the money, and the soldiers should be quickly selected or the missile, the bombing drone, etc.

As such, combat points are not determined by the order of investing in each battle, but it is important to consider the best results in line with the player’s composition and the situation of the battle. The higher the level, the higher the amount of requirements, so I often invested randomly without thinking at the beginning, and was often used to catastrophe because it was not used at the moment.

The second strategic factor is the presence of two waiting buttons that can give a simple command to the troops. As mentioned earlier, the basic battles are automatically proceeded, and the player cannot direct orders such as moving or attacking the soldiers. However, you can give an integrated order, which is advanced and defense. Advance commands can receive bonuses at the speed and hit rate, and defense orders hide their body in nearby cover and receive defense and range bonuses.

In order to order, the command gauge must be filled first. As with money, gauge rises little by little over time, and it was quite faster than I thought, so it was important to use it according to the situation rather than saving.

At first, the gauge method may feel a bit uncomfortable. The battle is also automatically made, so I wonder if the order of the order is to be reduced to the minimum. However, if there is no such device, the game is likely to be loose because there is no variable that can directly affect the battle. However, if it makes it too complicated, the motto of the game can collapse, so I think you compromised the convenience and strategy through two simple button manipulation.

The last third strategic element is wave. The enemy quickly produces soldiers at every fixed cycle and expresses them as waves. When the wave starts, many soldiers are poured out at once, so if you do not prepare, you can take the lead in the game and lose it in the game. Therefore, the player needs to prepare for the wave in advance.

The wave situation can be checked at any time in the UI, and it is not difficult to check because it also displays warning immediately before. Therefore, it is necessary to think about strategies such as collecting money before the wave starts or saving the cooldown of equipment that can destroy the majority. Because of the wave, the player can lead the game’s initiative at any time in a favorable direction, which takes up a great ball in establishing an in -depth war strategy that was the motto of the game. This is because I can determine the strategy of the game depending on how deeply knowing the game.

Through the above three strategic factors, Waripes was really easy to play and gained some strategic depth. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that anyone can easily enjoy the strategic war game, but anyone can easily play a strategic war game.

Wars was quite fun, but it wasn’t a bad game. Despite the strategy game, the variable is small, especially the map configuration. Most of the game maps are made up because the gameplay is followed by a set line. In the case of the line, there were also one or two, which was why the map had little variable itself.

The developer organized the background of the map, such as downtown, plain, and beach, but in the end, the structure itself was similar, so I couldn’t feel much inspiration. If the desert map has a sandstorm and the city is composed of three lines, it would have been like a variable.

Eventually, this regret has accumulated, and in the second half, the disadvantage of being monotonous and less accomplished by winning victory. Anyone could play easily and succeeded in taking some strategic elements, but it did not develop into a game level that lacks a device that digs deep into the game and feels a sense of accomplishment due to the increasing difficulty.

Because of the low variable of the game, it plays in a similar way as soon as it reaches some level, which makes it feel that the fun you felt continues to repeat. In the end, only a similar taste makes it easy to get tired. This is why they disappear because they want to play again after seeing the game’s ending.

To prevent this loose ship, War and Piping offer three modes: conquest mode of story mode, infinite mode and random battle. There is a difference in how the game progresses in each mode, so if you play with the difficulty level, it is appropriate to enjoy it lightly every time you spend. If you’re looking for a strategy game for killing time, it’s a pretty good choice. I think that if you add a variety of contents with continuous updates and the PVP mode with other players, you have the potential to be fully quickly.

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