How are IMC Armory Specter battles and APEX Legends work

IMC Armories is an expansion of the Storm Point card, presented in APEX Legends in the 13th season: Saviors. They are an attraction for PVE, similar to the spider nests or a den of predators, in the sense that you must kill several enemies of AI in order to get prey inside. The prey that you earn, as in other PVE locations, will be smart prey, which is issued depending on the current equipment of your team. Nevertheless, in order to get smart prey, you must defeat robots previously famous for Titanfall, Spectres.

Apex Legends: Saviors Launch Trailer
It should be noted that, unlike other PVE locations on a storm point, spectra come in waves and will continue to come until they expire their time limit. Instead of defeating a certain number of ghosts, you and your teammates will need to fight off the ghosts for a full 60 seconds to get your award. The more waves you can destroy during this time, the more smart production will be for your team at the end.

After you defeated the ghosts and collected your prey, you can either leave the same way that you entered, or use a special catapult to withdraw your team from the IMC weapons and move.

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