Real loot to the top 100 people, Diablo 2nd Ladder Season Begins

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Diablo 2: The first ladder season of leisure starts today, and the run toward the position of the strongest sanctuary is in full swing. There are also events with special real loot to commemorate Korean players who are passionate about Diablo and games.

Diablo 2: The Leisure Ladder Season is an optional competitive system that can be selected from four ladder modes: the original, the original, the hardcore original, the expansion pack, and the hardcore expansion pack. Each mode has its own leaderboard, and the player uses the ladder -only content for a fixed time, gaining strategically and competing with each other. When the ladder season ends, the ranking is initialized, but the character can be converted into Vera Ladder mode and can be used continuously, and it can be used to keep the precious loot and prepare a new ladder season. Patch 2.4 This is a great opportunity to enjoy a freshly changed balance, prove your skills and get rewards.

There is also a special real loot to celebrate the honor of Korean players and the achievement of this ladder season. At the end of the ladder season, Diablo 2: League Expansion Pack Ladder and Hardcore Expansion Pack Ladder, a total of 100 Korean players, who are ranked within the top 50 Korean players, will be given a real loot trophy to 100 Korean players who are ranked within the top 50.. Trophy is expected to give a special meaning to the glorious achievements of the first ladder season, with the character name of the hero who participated in the ladder. Information about the hunter’s real speech event can be found in the official blog.

Diablo II: For more information about leisure, visit the official site and Diablo official YouTube channel.

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