NCsoft starts recruiting 2022 summer interns… Recruitment information disclosure

[Source: NCsoft]

\ -In 25 categories, including game development and business, AI R & D, data analysis, and brand planning by May 12th

January 2022 - Product Update
– May 9 to 10 online job consultations “Ncruiting Day” Participation in the 16 fields of the field

\ -It provides a variety of useful information such as recruitment FAQ, employee interview video, VR office tour, etc.

NCsoft (NC) starts recruiting ‘2022 Summer interns’ and discloses recruitment information.

Applicants will be able to check the relevant information through ‘NCsoft 2022 Summer interns public recruitment guide web page’ (hereinafter referred to as the guide web page) from 2 pm today.

NC will hold an online job consultation ‘Ncruiting Day’ for two days on May 9 and 10. Seniors in 16 fields will answer questions from applicants, including not only job counseling but also the know -how of application. Job consultations can be participated only for preliminary applicants and can be applied through the guide web page by 2 pm on the 4th.

The guide web page and NC official SNS channel offer useful information such as ‘Recruitment FAQ and Employee Interview Shorts Video’. On the VR office tour page, the Pangyo R & D Center is implemented as a VR, allowing applicants to see internal welfare facilities such as ‘fitness center and food court’.

NC also organized a DIY welcome kit production event for interns. Applicants can choose the components of the incident kit. 2022 Summer interns receive a customized job kit, which consists of the most votes.

Applicants can check all the contents on the web page and share ‘Plan: C Moments’ on SNS through the event page. The event participants receive a drink gifticon (100 people), wireless earphones (3) and high -end keyboards (2) through the lottery.

NC’s 2022 Summer interns recruitment will be held in 25 categories. ▲ game business (experience analysis/business development) ▲ game business (online/mobile division) ▲ Game AI ▲ Vision AI ▲ Speech AI ▲ Language AI ▲ Data Analytics ▲ Cinematic Art ▲ Sound Design ▲ PM ▲ Service UX Planning ▲ Game Planning (Live IP division) ▲ game planning (new IP and service division) ▲ game engine development ▲ game development (Live IP division) ▲ Game development (new IP division) ▲ In -house mobile app development ▲ backend development ▲ web service development ▲ Game IP Brand planning ▲ Organizational culture (OD) ▲ HRM ▲ Security Administration ▲ System ENGINEERING ▲ Cloud Development.

Applicants can accept the application from the NC recruitment website by 2 pm on May 12.

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